Lock Up Gay And Lesbian Couples Till They Conceive Offspring – President Mugabe

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President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe Friday threatened to not only lock up gay and lesbian couples in rooms and order them to conceive offspring or not be released; he equally vowed to expel foreign diplomats who try to promote gay rights in his country.

Mugabe, 90, said Europeans must keep their “inhuman” homosexual practices within their own territories and not try to impose them on Africans.  President Mugabe thanked Kata Kata Cartoon Magazine for “exposing“ the meeting of the Western leaders, which took place recently in the USA where the leaders adopted their plans to “impose“ homosexuality on Africans. Please click on the link to read more about the secret meeting:  http://www.katakata.org/listen-to-my-homo-lesson-west/

Zimbabwe’s sole leader since independence was leading thousands of Zimbabweans during celebrations to mark his country’s 34th independence anniversary at the giant National Sports Stadium, Harare.

A fierce critic of gays and lesbians, Mugabe also threatened unspecified action on local NGOs founded to lobby for gay rights in Zimbabwe.

“Kune organisations dzinouya dzinodzi ndedzema homosexuals, take care, warn them,” Mugabe said in his customary lengthy addresses. He also warned those who often sleep during his marathon speech, not to engage in such a practice again, otherwise he would be forced to lock them up in the same rooms with gays and lesbians.

“You know what those animals can do to you when you are alone with them. I think we have found the most effective therapy to your sleeping sickness.“ Mugabe joked amongst his laughing supporters.

“Some years ago, l was warned that there was some secret organisation of that nature which was addressing young men varimumauniversity nemuzvikoro to join them as homosexuals. This nonsense from Europe must stop. Keep your homosexual nonsense there and don`t cross over with it.“ Mugabe continued.

President Mugabe said he was happy that many African countries are not only solidly against the homosexuality teachings of the West, African leaders have equally sent a strong communiqué , titled “Teacher, don`t Teach me Nonsense“  to the West. He ordered his audience to login on kata kata Cartoon Magazine site (http://www.katakata.org/teacher-dont-teach-me-nonsense/)  and read more about the African leaders` response to the West“˜s homosexuality gospels.

“We did not fight for this Zimbabwe so it can be a homosexual territory. We will never have that here, and if there are any diplomats, who will talk of any homosexuality, just tell me. We will kick them out of the country without any excuse. We won’t even listen. Kungoti chete ava vari homosexual, risati radoka tinenge tavakanda kunze kwenyika ino.”

Mugabe said his country will not give in to Western demands for Africans to decriminalise “sodomy”.

“They even refuse today that if a man has sex with another man it’s wrong, its sodomy.

“If you pass a law that rejects homosexual marriages, ‘we will punish you’ like what they are doing in Uganda and us. And they say they want you to believe that if a man gets another man and they have a homosexual relationship, they have human rights to do so.

“But that act is inhuman. It’s not human and human rights cannot derive from acts which are inhuman. That does not exist in jurisprudence…”

Mugabe continued: “What is wrong is wrong and cannot be right, but they say no, human beings are free to marry each other, and look at the absurdity of it all, when God created the world, we learned from the Bible, He created animals, forests, lastly He created man. Because man was lonely, He got from the side of man, a rib and created a woman…that’s the start of society as we know it from the bible.”

As if to make his point very clear, Mugabe repeated his threats:

“Lock those gay and lesbian couples in rooms and order them to conceive offspring and if they did not, they must not be released“

The Zimbabwean leader has almost used every public forum to bash gays and lesbians, at one time describing them as “worse than pigs and dogs”.






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