Manchester United pay mouth-watering £19.6m compensation to sacked Mourinho

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The former coach of Manchester United Jose Mourinho was paid a record compensation fee of £19.6m after being sacked in December by the English club, despite the Red Devils’ worst league performance in 28 years under him.

According to the information obtained from the United’s second-quarter financial results under “exceptional items,” the payment was for the Portuguese coach and his five staff members who had to go with left with Mourinho when he was sacked in December.
Many football pundits insist that the said pay-out is exceptionally high, having in mind that the figure is four times the amount the club paid to its former dismissed coaches like the Dutch Louis van Gaal and Scottish David Moyes, who were sacked in 2016 and 2014 respectively following poor results.
However, despite the mouth-watering compensation fee for Mourinho, it is on record that Manchester United made record revenues as well. The last quarter revenue was £208.6m with an operating profit pegged at £44m.
Some football analysts believe that the dismissal of the Portuguese genius was a right decision and a blessing in disguise for that matter, despite the high cost involved. Since the appointment of the Norwegian Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, a former striker of the club, as caretaker manager, Manchester United have shown incredible vigour and feisty performance on the pitch. Clearly, the appointment has equally brought a huge psychological boost amongst the once demoralised players. The new confidence and excitement are equally seen amongst the fans who have started returning to the stadium and thus fetching extra income for the club.
With a record one loss in 12 games since he took over from Mourinho, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has brought back the lost pride for both the Manchester United board and fans and catapulted the once struggling giant back to the top 4 in the Premier League

Having the recent impressive performance of Manchester United in mind, some strongly believe the issue is no more the huge amount paid to Jose Mourinho after his dismissal, but whether the management of the club would be blind to start looking further for their Messiah when they have indeed found one.