Mugabe`s Son and Friends Lavish Money on Expensive Champagne

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While an average Zimbabwean is struggling to have a meal on their table and many hardworking Zimbabweans are not yet paid their salaries for months, after having given their best for the country, President Mugabe’s son Chatunga, whose friend described together with his other friends as “bar Rangers,” is on the other hand, busy partying and squandering money on extremely expensive champagne in South Africa. This came at a time the former finance minister of Zimbabwe, Tendai Biti lamented during his rally in Harare last Saturday that most Zimbabweans were “surviving on less than 35 US cents per day.”

Wearing a camouflage sweater, which his father 93-year-old, President Mugabe banned Zimbabweans from wearing, Chatunga is seen on the video telling an unidentified friend of his, that he’s a clubber:

“I have been to the club with you personally so you can’t tell me that you don’t club. Tell them I don’t eat sadza (Zimbabwe’s staple food) from her house, she didn’t even raise me and they can’t tell me anything… they want to judge me.”

Some weeks ago, President Mugabe’s wife Grace voiced out her frustrations on the behaviour of her sons, who are party animals. She even went to the extent of insinuating that her sons`  irresponsible behaviours are caused by the demon. It is reported that her two sons, Robert Jnr and Chatunga who were partying in South Africa were thrown out of their exclusive apartment by the security agents followed some fracas at night between the two Mugabe’s sons. The acrimony was so bad that a security officer’s leg and arm were allegedly broken. Their mother, Grace Mugabe was reported to have flown into South Africa to find an alternative apartment for the sons.

Meanwhile, Chatunga asks on the video:

“Anyway guys, I hope you are having a great day, live your life and have fun.”

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The serious question is: Are Zimbabweans having fun like Chatunga and his brother Robert Jnr? If not, President Robert Mugabe has many explanations to make to the Zimbabweans, otherwise, it might be too late after the upcoming elections in Zimbabwe. Definitely, President Mugabe may well not blame the sons – alone.


Photo: theindependent