Travel & Destination: Make Kenya Your Next Destination

Kata Kata

Admin | Posted On : 03/06/2021

Hardly can one talk about Africa without mentioning Kenya, one of the most stunning places on the continent. The East African country is reaping significantly from enthusiastic international visitors who want to gain new experiences and realise their dreams by visiting their lovely destinations. Kenya Tourism Performance Report 2019 indicates the country received 2, 048,334 visitors compared with 2,025,206 in 2018. The East African nation also recorded revenue of $1.6 billion, indicating that the tourism sector is playing a significant role in Kenya’s economy, creating much-needed employment. A whopping percentage of Kenyan international arrivals are from the United States, as per the report represented by Kenya’s Minister for Tourism. It shows that 245,437 Americans visited the country in 2019, equivalent to 9 per cent growth. Other Kenya’s top visitors are from Uganda, Tanzania, France, China, Rwanda, UK, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, South Africa, and Ethiopia. Among these million arrivals, the majority come as tourists, some for business and others to visit friends and families. You are strongly encouraged to make Kenya your next destination once the COVID-19 pandemic is over. Find the opportunity to interact with friendly and lovely Kenyans, learn their cultures and enjoy their mouth-watering diverse dishes. But that is not enough. While in Kenya, many tourist attractions can keep you busy and socked in enjoyment. Think of Kenya’s seductive beaches, mountains, artefacts, cities, national parks and reserves, rivers and lakes. If you have never watched the Wildebeest Migration, then let this year be a significant milestone in your life. It will be impressive watching millions of wildebeest moving in search of water and pastures. Make one of these places your priority while in Kenya: 1. Hell’s Gate National Park This park is located in Naivasha, northwest of Nairobi. It allows hiking and climbing activities, and it has a stunning landscape that includes water gouged-gauges, scrub clad volcanoes, towering cliffs, stark rock towers and intense geothermal steam. Hell’s Gate is also home to various wildlife and birds such as leopards, ostriches, baboons, gazelles and eagles, etc. Hell’s Gate National Park 2. Mount Kenya National Park It is one of the UNESCO’s World Heritage sites in Kenya. Mount Kenya National Park was established to protect Mount Kenya, the tallest mountain in Africa, and preserve the surrounding and wild animals. It is a remarkable place with unspoiled lakes, glaciers, tarns, dense forest, plant varieties, endangered species and mineral springs. There are several games you can play while you are in the park-climbing and camping. Mount Kenya National Park 3. Nairobi This Kenya’s largest city is a unique place to spend your time in. The city has a population of over 4 million people from different states, races and tribes. To learn more about Kenya’s history, culture and contemporary arts, make a stop at Nairobi National Museum. Are you interested in plants, Nairobi Arboretum or wildlife? Nairobi National Park is the best spot for you. Nairobi 4. Mombasa Historically, Mombasa is the oldest town in Kenya and the second-largest city in the country. It is a melting-point of a multicultural population ranging from Indians, Asians, Portuguese, British, Americans, Arabs, to African. This coastal town, which has the largest seaport in Kenya, is rich in cultures, architecture and cuisines. It also boasts of coral reefs, which encourage snorkelling, dolphin watching, fishing and diving. Mombasa is a fantastic place for beach lovers due to its stunning beaches, which offer good places to relax with families and friends. The old town also has historical sites like Fort Jesus, which exhibits historical artefacts and souvenirs, especially about the Swahili people and the past occurrences. Mombasa 5. Tsavo National Park Tsavo is made up of Tsavo West and Tsavo East National Parks. The park was named after River Tsavo, which snakes through the park from west to east. Tsavo East hosts many large animals like rhino, buffalo, lion, elephant, hippopotamus and crocodiles, etc. It is a good place for adventure due to its long lava flow. Tsavo East equally boasts hundreds of bird species. Unlike Tsavo East, which is located in a dry place, Tsavo West displays an excellent environment with natural springs, craters, a large population of hippos and crocodiles and birds of prey. Tsavo East National Park 6. Diani Beach A visit to Diani Beach will surely leave you mesmerised. It is little wonder why the beach, which is located about 30 kilometres south of Mombasa, in Kwale County on the Indian Ocean coast of Kenya, is voted for the fifth time consecutively since 2015 as one of the best beaches in Africa. With plenty of shade provided by the groves of palm trees and underwater sandbars, Diani beach is a fantastic destination for surfing, swimming, snorkelling. You equally have many beachfront resorts, bars and restaurants to make your stay memorable. Diani Beach 7. Lamu Beaches Located just off the North Coast of Kenya, you will find Lamu beaches on the island of Lamu. The beaches are entirely pedestrian-friendly, with donkeys used as the most popular means of transport. It is a quiet place that offers complete tranquillity and relaxation with locally made delicacies. Lamu Beaches 8. Malindi Malindi is not only famous because of its stunning and seductive beach, but it is also the landing spot in Africa for explorer Vasco de Gama eventually. Malindi is, therefore, of both touristic and historical importance. Apart from its fantastic climate, Malilindi has much to offer regarding its photogenic scenery and beachfront hotels. Are you interested in sailing, swimming, windsurfing, snorkelling, deep-sea fishing? A visit to Malindi will be a dream come true. Malindi These are just a handful of places you can drop in to enjoy yourself while visiting Kenya. There are still many other spectacular sceneries, stunning beaches, wildlife and plants. A good reason to make Kenya your next destination, isn’t it? With the continuous growth in the tourism sector, driven by capable hands in the industry, coupled with political stability, incredibly friendly citizens, low cost of living, good security and many cheap international flights from different destinations, Kenya offers what only a very few countries can offer in terms of tourism. Go for – and to – Kenya! More about various destinations in Africa, visit