Kata Kata Village Celebrates Women’s Day In a Unique Manner

Kata Kata

Admin | Posted On : 08/03/2021

The 8th of March is the official day for Women’s Day, set aside for the commemoration and recognition of the achievements of women and campaign for gender equality. A Male’s masculine and superior attitude towards women encourages the treatment of women as second-class citizens and does not recognise women’s potentials and achievements. This masculine attitude is rooted in culture, the same culturethat encourages beliefs in gender inequality. We must recognise the enormous achievements of women in both urban and rural areas and empower them wherever they are. Think of women’s efforts in raising our children, productivity, businesses, farms etc. Women have come a long way despite all the gender barriers and challenges they face. Remember, a developed and civilised society is measured based on the rights and positions of minorities in it. Therefore, today, we ask you to join the global campaign to recognise the potential of women and change their lives positively. Please read our FREE illustrated comic story on Women’s Day and join the movement. Enjoy the cartoon story: https://katakata.org/2018-edition-vol-5-issue-17-digital/