How to look young by getting rid of wrinkles

Kata Kata

Admin | Posted On : 20-08-2022

In the past, the sign of old age, wrinkle, was not a significant threat. People were less bothered by creases on their faces, foreheads, hands, necks, or forearms. Beauty was a rare word among most people approaching 45 and above. It was then easy to find people with wrinkles, unlike in the modern age, where everybody wants to look younger, thanks to dermatologists who have provided ways of solving the signs of ageing, especially on one's face.

A whopping percentage of women dislike wrinkles on their faces because our society values female beauty. According to the new face report, the most visible sign of ageing affects men. The report further states that women looking a few years younger feel more confident, relaxed, and happier than those whose appearance looks older. The following tips could help you protect and minimize the appearance of wrinkles and enhance your physical appearance:

Use coconut oil

Applying coconut oil to your skin is one of the simplest ways to make your face look young. It makes your skin smooth by filling in the gaps in your epidermis. Experts say that the oil also supports your skin by protecting the barrier layer, retaining moisture inside, and keeping the skin hydrated and flexible.

Regular washing of your face

Cosmetics cause oxidative stress to your skin when not removed before bed. Therefore, before you sleep, it is advisable to wash your face with clean water. Do not scrub your face; instead, use a water-based wipe to clean your face before splashing some cold water across your skin. 

Avoid too much sun 

Those less exposed to the sun look younger and have fewer wrinkles than those who experience more sun. Studies have advised that you avoid the sun as much as possible because it is the number one cause of wrinkles. Stay indoors if you have no vital task to carry outside but if you must go out in the sun, put on sunscreen to protect your skin against the sun rays.

Ice Block treatment. Forget the coldness, but you can easily glow your skin instantly and soothe acne using an ice block. It reduces the redness and inflammation on your skin by accelerating blood flow and decreasing pores and excessive oil production in your skin. Furthermore, ice blocks reduce puffiness around the eyes and other signs of ageing and can cure rashes and sunburns. Due to its coldness, the ice can tighten the skin pores and minimize the emergence of ageing signs such as fine lines and wrinkles, making the skin look smoother and younger. Combining the ice block and other anti-wrinkle applications could help the anti-wrinkle products penetrate deeper skin layers and absorb better. For best results, massage and rub gently in small circular motions. Always listen to your skin; discontinue the treatment and possibly consult a doctor if you notice any burning sensation or skin discomfort during treatment.

That said, excessive ice block application can negatively affect the skin. Don't apply the ice block for more than a minute on any skin area; this reduces ice burn. Avoid rubbing the ice block too hard under the eyes as it's a sensitive part.

Quit Smoking: Numerous research results have shown that smokers are likely to have more skin damage than non-smokers. Smoking damages the skin and increases facial ageing, including wrinkles.

Have enough sleep

Getting inadequate sleep triggers your body to produce cortisol in excess, a hormone that breaks down skin cells. The more you sleep, the more your body will produce more human growth hormone, making the skin thick and elastic, according to Yale dermatologist Nicholas Paricone, MD.

Eat fruit and vegetables.

Those who eat more fruits and vegetables tend to look younger because fruits and vegetables contain antioxidant compounds that fight damage caused by free radicals. These compounds also protect your skin against the effects of ageing.

Egg whites 

Whip some egg whites in a cup and apply them to your skin using your fingers or a brush. Allow it to dry out, then wash it with warm water. Egg whites contain protein, vitamin B, and E that will naturally heal fine lines. 

Aloe vera

This plant is known to help the skin from many minor ailments such as minor cuts or sunburns. Aloe vera helps in collagen production in the body, a substance that decreases wrinkles and tightens skin, and enhances skin on your skin. Apply it to your skin, allow it to dry out for the best result, and wash it off.

Sleep on your back

Sleeping face-down night after night in most cases causes a furrowed brow, whereas sleeping on your side often brings wrinkles on your chin and cheeks. The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) recommends sleeping on your back to minimize wrinkles.


Wrinkles are inevitable natural creases in the skin that come with old age. They occur when the skin becomes thinner, less elastic, and more prominent on areas exposed to the sun, such as the face, hands, forearms, and neck. Apart from ageing, other factors such as smoking, sun exposure, dehydration, and other medical conditions can cause wrinkles. There are many ways to get rid of ageing and maintain youthful skin; however, the above options may help achieve that. Give them a try.