Kids’ Corner: Perfect pets for your kids

Kata Kata

Admin | Posted On : 30-08-2022

Some years back, cats and dogs were considered primary pets in many households, but things have taken a new twist lately. There exist several pets ranging from birds and fish to rabbits; thus, an individual who does not prefer the two most common pets as their pet has more choices. 

Many research works have shown that pets play crucial roles in the development of children. Little wonder, therefore, why researchers propose that a kid should own at least a pet in their early childhood life. Below are the reasons why pets are suitable for your kid’s health and growth, according to the research.

Pets teach kids life values: Cleaning the pet’s cage or tasks such as walking a dog teaches your kid how to be responsible. 

Boost self-esteem: Allen R. McConnell, PhD from Miami University, has found that people who own pets have high self-esteem and are less fearful than those who do not. Also, engaging in physical exercise with pets makes the kids’ bodies produce neurochemicals, boosting self-confidence.

Companionship: Children with pets are less anxious as they find comfort and support from the animal companion.

Strengthen family bond: Tasks such as feeding the pet and cleaning its cage allow the family to engage in much conversation, which binds them together.

Entertainment: It is fun to listen to a bird’s melodious music and play around with rabbits, dogs, and cats.

Lower isolation: Kids who own pets are less likely to become lonely; hence, they may not suffer from depression.

Reduce allergies: A study by health psychologist Dr June McNicholas of the University of Warwick shows that toddlers brought up in homes with pets are not prone to childhood allergies because they have a robust immune system.

Below are some of the pets you might choose for your kid.


1. Mice

Research shows that mice make lovely pets for teens and also adults. Mice are sociable, available everywhere in the world, active and fun to watch and pose no threat of diseases to humans. Moreover, they are clean and intelligent. 

They are also good at giving good company; they do not require much space, and no experience is needed to own a mouse.


2. Guinea pigs

These creatures are domesticated species of rodents. They are also known as Cavies. The Animal Diversity Web (ADW) says that guinea pigs are tailless and have a considerable body size weighing between 700-1,100 grams, which makes them attractive to many kids. Cavies have compact and cylindrical bodies ranging from 8 to 10 inches long. They are social animals and like human being company.

 3. Birds

Their elegant colours attract much attention from the kids. They also provide companions, and their melodies fascinate toddlers. The parakeet is the best species of bird to choose as a pet because it is less expensive in terms of maintenance than others. You should note that birds require much daily attention since they are the most demanding.

4. Rabbits

Rabbits are cute and cuddly, making them more attractive. They provide a good companion and keep kids busy. However, they require much attention, so they are better suited for older children who can take better care of them. Rabbits need regular food, and their cages must be kept clean. The owner must keep a close eye on them since they are prone to attacks or harm from other animals like dogs.

5. Fish

Apart from being a pet, fish also adds beauty to your home. Fish is one of the most preferred pets due to their calm nature. It is good you choose for your kid the type of fish which is easy to raise, like Siamese fighting fish, also known as Betta fish. This species can live in isolation, and you do not need aerators, filters or heaters. Fish needs careful handling by ensuring you feed them with the correct quantity of food and regular cleaning of the container to avert a build-up of germs and wastes.

6. Dogs

Dogs are the most adored pet in the entire world. According to the 2019-2020 National Pet Owners Survey conducted by the American Pet Products Association (APPA), Sixty-three per cent of households in the US own a dog.

A study by Pet Secure in 2018 ranked the US, China, Russia, Japan and the Philippines as the top five countries with the highest population of dogs in the world.

Dogs are known as intelligent, calm and loving animals. They are the best in keeping company inside and outside and are loyal to their owners.  

However, dogs require veterinary services and immunization, which might be expensive.

7. Cats

Like dogs, cats are also adorable and make for a good companion; they require limited space and little maintenance. One of the negative things about having a cat as a pet is that it is hardly loyal to its owners since it can efficiently run away anytime.

Toddlers with pets can be compassionate, feel supported, have high self-esteem, better cognitive skills, less stress, and have good health. Besides, before you choose the right pet for your kid, pay attention to the lifespan of the pet, the kid’s personality, special needs, health care costs and care requirements and needs.