Isabel dos Santos Africa's richest woman, faces Interpol arrest.

Kata Kata

Admin | Posted On : 21-11-2022

Africa's richest woman Isabel dos Santos, is facing an embarrassing Interpol arrest following numerous corruption allegations against her. Her possible Interpol arrest was reported on Friday in the Portuguese media following a request by the Angolan prosecutor's office. However, lawyers of the daughter of the former president of Angola insisted they were unaware of any arrest warrant issued against her. 

The international police organization made the arrest warrant public today. 

Isabel dos Santos has been fighting corruption allegations against her, including embezzlement and money laundering, during her tenure as head of Angola's national oil company Sonangol. She has consistently denied wrongdoing and maintained that the allegations are politically motivated. 

Reports showed how the 49-year-old dos Santos made billions of dollars in oil, diamonds, banking, telecommunications and real estate through inside deals, political connections and western collaborators.

21-The government of Angola has frozen her Angolan assets.

Since taking over power from former President José Eduardo dos Santos, who ruled Angola for thirty-eight years, President João Manuel Gonçalves Lourenço has taken unprecedented moves to fight corruption. However, very few people ever imagined that the corruption crusade would ever reach the iron gate of the dos Santos, regarded as one of the sacred cows. Although the dos Santos family has failed to explain how they acquired billions of dollars during the José Eduardo dos Santos reign, nor did Isabel dos Santos, the daughter of the former president, prove how she became Africa's richest woman. 

It is now a question of when Isabel dos Santos, often in Portugal, the United Arab Emirates and the UK, will be arrested by Interpol. 

One thing is clear: it is no more Business as usual for the dos Santos family.