Breaking News: Germany Arrests 25 For Coup Plotting

Kata Kata

Admin | Posted On : 07-12-2022

In what many might consider extremely unthinkable, the German authorities have arrested and detained 25 persons in raids conducted across Germany on suspicion of planning to topple the government. 

Yes, you have read it correctly. Those alleged coup plotters were not arrested in Mali, Somalia, Guinea, Niger, Burkina Faso, Sudan Central African Republic, Yemen, Pakistan or Afghanistan, but in Germany, one of the most democratic countries in the world.

Ironically, the raids and arrests of the coup plotters in Germany coincided with the award in the US of the Congressional Gold Medal, the highest honour given by the legislative body, for defending the US Capitol during the uprising on January 6.


According to sources in Germany, the far-right and ex-military organisations intended to attack the Reichstag and take control of the country.

Reports have it that Prince Heinrich XIII, a 71-year-old German man, played a crucial role in the scheme. According to federal authorities, he is one of two accused ringleaders among those detained in 11 German states.


The radical Reichsbürger [Citizens of the Reich] movement, which German authorities have long targeted for violent attacks and racial conspiracy theories, is rumoured to be among the plotters.

They also refuse to acknowledge the state of contemporary Germany.

An estimated 50 men and women were thought to have been gang members that allegedly intended to destroy the republic and replace it with the Second Reich, an empire modelled after Germany in 1871.

 The federal prosecutor's office spokesperson stated, "We don't yet have a name for this group."

According to the German DPA news agency, there were raids over most of the nation, and two persons were detained in Austria and Italy. The authorities will interrogate the suspects later today. Following a significant anti-terror operation, German Justice Minister Marco Buschmann stated that an alleged "armed attack against constitutional entities was planned."

According to the federal prosecutor, the organisation has been preparing for a bloody takeover since November 2021.  


Investigations revealed that former military personnel played a substantial role in the coup plan, including former elite troops from specialised groups.The federal prosecutor's office said that the conspirators had already developed preparations for taking control of Germany. Members realised that using "military tactics and violence against state leaders," which included killing people, was the only way to achieve their objectives.

According to public broadcaster ZDF, Prince Heinrich was the group's head, and a former far-right Bundestag member who was also involved in the conspiracy was to be appointed the group's justice minister.

Recently, many African countries have witnessed an unaccepted rise in coup attempts. Often one would condemn such anarchy in developing countries and label it as an undemocratic act typical of poor, unstable countries. But such treasonable ideas and conspiracy theories are quietly becoming a reality in the Western world recently. Right extremism is systematically planting its divisive roots across the West. 

 What do you expect when the USA, our assumed father and leader of democracy, shows bad leadership examples? 

On January 6 2021, some racist and fascist US citizens were bold enough to attack the Capital, arguably the seat and symbol of world democracy and the rule of law. Rather than condemning such an unthinkable direct attack on the world democracy, many Republicans – some of them amongst those held inside the Capital with their family members during the attack – would water wash such a heinous act for political aggrandisement. What else would be more surprising? What other worst example would the USA show the world? You may understand why the former President of the US, who, as President, swore to defend his country's constitution, deserves the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest award in the country, for his role in orchestrating the most violent attack on the US democracy in the modern history.

Today, During an awards ceremony, police officers and members of their families declined to shake hands with House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. The police officers received Congressional Gold Medals on Tuesday in recognition of their defence of the US Capitol during the uprising on January 6. 

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If other citizens could stand up boldly against fascist, racial, sexist, anti-Semitic and divisive rhetoric and embrace love, peace, tolerance and respect for one another, we are on the way towards achieving an egalitarian society.