That inner peace that creates abundant development.

Kata Kata

Admin | Posted On : 04-01-2023

Every day brings hope and challenges; how we handle those obstacles determines our life situation. The corona pandemic, which claimed millions of lives globally, has been under control, with fewer current infections and deaths. Kudos to our dedicated scientists, health workers and leaders. It is an outstanding achievement we must celebrate. However, while the world was about to breathe some relief, another global defiance occurred. 


In February last year, the world woke up to Russia’s brutal war – or “special military operation”, as Russia would euphemistically call it - in Ukraine. It was billed to last a few days, but almost one year along the line, the conflict is far from over. And the world is paying a massive price through inflation, high energy prices, unemployment, deaths, and migration. Are you still counting?


The world is feeling the repercussions. So do Russians. And Ukrainians too. Innocent young soldiers are being sacrificed and slaughtered at the altar of some political leaders’ selfish political ambitions and chauvinism. Millions of helpless Ukrainians are freezing in the scorching winter without shelter or electricity, made possible by Russia’s bombardments. Innocent Russians are under economic crush, thanks to the senseless war and western sanctions.


The hardship is similar in other parts of the world. With the primary energy supply to Europe cut off, Europeans have a huge price to pay, from gas and petroleum to bread going astronomically up. Inflation is smiling at every door. Africa, Asia and the rest of the world face the same artificial havoc. 


The global problems are revealing as they equally ask for different approaches to facing and solving challenges. As we face global issues, we need to appreciate how much we need each other and why we should choose a peaceful solution to global problems instead of conflict. Our interdependence shows why wars or disputes can be counter-productive; it can be a two-edged sword which could hurt both parties involved in a row. 


To achieve lasting peace, we must never allow the actions and behaviour of others to destroy our inner peace. Stress kills our mind, and we owe our peace to ourselves, not to anyone, because no one can bring you peace except yourself- and except you want it. Peace does not come easily; we must work tirelessly with much determination and sacrifice to make it a success. Achieving peace is a gradual process involving changing our attitudes, opinions, and mindsets, destroying our old unproductive barriers, and quietly building new structures. 

Harmony comes with social development. The fundamental reality is that without peace, there is no development, and without growth, there is no peace. Hence peace is the primary ingredient for development, which is vital for creating opportunities, especially for youths. That makes peace the hope for the future.


As we welcome the year 2023, we look forward to casting away our old attitudes, mindsets and retrospective plans, which create unnecessary impediments to our progress. Let us embrace dialogue on every level – personal, interpersonal and state – for the goodness of humanity. There is no better way to enjoy the years ahead than to follow the reconciliatory road map, which can only lead to development. Let us make 2023 a unique year.


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