Agama And Night Watch (Part 2)

Kata Kata

Admin | Posted On : 31-03-2024

"Be always on the watch…….I will come swiftly, unexpectedlyas a thief would come in the night. ... "


By failing to prepare, you're preparing to fail. Preparation for the unexpected, uncertainties, and unknown is about making contingency plans and executing them diligently and with serious determination. From the religious, social, and political perspectives, success is measured by the result, not necessarily by steps taken towards achieving the outcome. It is not about what one claims to be in life but what one is. Little wonder why even harmless carolers could disorganise Agama's heavily armed but confused battalion and be mistaken for an enemy. Tell General Agama that the carolers have come with peace. Just a little "Happy Easter" from Agama's army could do the trick. Read more: