Nigeria: I’m free to have romantic relationship with female police officers – Inspector General of Police insists

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Call it an April fools’ joke, madness, misinterpretation of the law, limited knowledge of the law, lawlessness or whatever, Nigeria still occupies an enviable position in the Guinness book of records. And from the look of things, no country seems to have the guts, law, ability, capability and potential leaders to challenge this Nigeria’s unmatchable status. Yesterday the Nigeria’s Inspector-General of Police, Ibrahim Idris, mimicked no words in stating clearly and categorically that there is no law in the land that stops him from having a romantic relationship with female police officers under him. Period!

The statement or clarification, if you like, came, following the accusation by Senator Isa Misau of Bauchi Central Senatorial District that the police Chief was having an affair with a junior police officer, whom Mr. Idris allegedly promoted rapidly and illegally. If the MP and the rest of Nigerians were expecting their Chief law officer, the Inspector-General of Police, to vehemently deny the accusation – just like most politicians do when accused of any wrongdoing, unless caught red-handed, they better think twice. After all, as the law enforcement chief, IGP Ibrahim Idris is expected to be honest and upright. Isn’t he? He did not disappoint. He, therefore, demonstrated those qualities by showing he is not a liar  – unlike many lying politicians. How dare you call African police liars?  There is no law stopping Inspector General of Police from “marrying” a serving female police officer, Mr. Idris “corrected” the MP in a written defence presented through his lawyer, Alex Iziyon (Senior Advocate of Nigeria).

While reacting to Senator Isa Misau’s allegation against him, the Inspector-General of Police, went further and dismissed the allegation as laughable and lack of knowledge of the law. He challenged the lawmaker to cite anywhere in the law that prevents him from having a romantic affair with a female police officer. Hum! First, an affair; then marriage. So what?

“This allegation is laughable and showed lack of understanding of the provisions of the Police Act and regulation.” Alex Iziyon maintained.

Lack of understanding? Lack of understanding that the Inspector-General of Police is permitted under the law to have an affair with policewomen? Or could it be that Senator Misau, in fact, did not read the law well before rushing to a conclusion or raining the accusations on the Inspector-General of Police? Hum! Could it have been that the Senator is, in fact, exposing his legal deficiency? Wow! One thing is to make the law, another is to understand the law you have made. That is Nigeria for you.

But hold on a bit. The police boss alleged that the Senator’s allegation against him was a “private“ matter, thus raising the issue was, according to Mr. Idris, tantamount to discussing the Inspector-General of Police’s private life. He went on to remind the lawmaker that as a Muslim, he (the IGP) can marry four wives provided he can love them equally, according to the Islamic Law. Never ever doubt that romantic and benevolent spirit!

Definitely, the police boss did not tactically accept he has a romantic relationship with female officers. In any case, if the Senate believes the accused did have an affair with the officer, it is the duty of the Senator to cite the law that forbids that, according to the police boss. But that is not all. Since the Inspector-General of Police has reminded Senator Isa Misau that the police boss can marry four wives provided he can love them equally, according to the Islamic Law, Mr. Misau will be left with no other choice than to prove to the honourable Senate panel, which will entertain the case on Wednesday, that the accused cannot, in fact, love his wives equally. Wives!

A heavy and complicated task; isn’t it? In any case, senator Misau must, of course, be careful while undertaking this rigorous task to draw a clear line between wives and non-wives. After all, the honourable Inspector-General of Police never admitted he had an extra-marital affair- even though no law, according to him, prevents him from doing so.

Now, the honourable Senator seems to have his hands full. Welcome to Nigeria, where the accused becomes the accuser!