Nza, Lead us in Prayer!

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I still remember as a child, when our parents often tried to inculcate some sense of discipline in us; that includes having religious values. Absolutely, looking at our present world ““ especially the level of moral decadence in Africa, one should not blame our parents for trying their best to bring up their children to be good moral ambassadors in the society. Encouraging children to be closer to God, most people believe, is definitely,  one of the ways to achieve that target. However, our parents ( teachers/leaders) must live by example and up to the bar they set; else, it becomes a problem to convince the children (students /masses) otherwise.

Agama, a man with a lot of skeletons in his cupboard is not new to this dilemma, as he asks his son, Nza to lead the family in prayer. Get ready for a bomb blast! Read Kata Kata Cartoon for thought-provoking African issues and laugh long: