Don`t Worry, Just Laugh

Our Team


Kata Kata Team:


Drs. Ogo Ubabukoh

Art/Graphics Producer in – chief

Deogratius Okudi

Editorial Advisory Board

Drs. Pieternel Drijvers, Drs. Ogu Okany,
Drs. Beate Ubabukoh

Legal Consultants

Geoffrey Ntambirweki Kandeebe

Vivian Iro – Uchime (LLB, LLM)

Ebele Topman

Lyka Mtambo


Drs. Romolo Pusceddu – Senior Business Development Consultant

Diana Namasani – Country Manager (Malawi)

                                                                            Arthur Adil – Country Manager (Uganda)

Lydia Namuswa – Deputy Manager (Uganda)

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