Outcry in Lesotho as PM`s son-in-law Nominated Ambassador

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The recent appointment of Moshe Neo Kao, the son-in-law of the Prime Minister Pakalitha Mosisili of Lesotho to a diplomatic post in Switzerland has caused a lot of outcry in the country, with opposition groups accusing the Prime Minister of naked nepotism and favouritism.

However, the spokesperson of the Prime Minister has called the allegations baseless, and political witch hunting, insisting that the son-in-law is qualified and free to take up the job – just like any other citizen of Lesotho. But the spokesperson of the government did not say whether these ordinary citizens have the same opportunity like Mr. Moshe.

The appointment of Moshe Neo Kao as Lesotho`s ambassador to Switzerland  would entail him living in Geneva. Contrarily, the Swiss government has rejected the appointment of Mr. Moshe  and insisted that he would not be granted diplomatic immunities if the government of Lesotho insists on the nomination. According  to the government of Switzerland, Mr. Moshe Neo Kao, is a “B permit“ permanent resident in Switzerland, which disqualifies him from enjoying diplomatic immunities accorded to foreign diplomats, conform to the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations of 18 April 1961. According to the records, Mr. Moshe Neo Kao, a Switzerland permanent residency holder,  has been working since 2014 as an independent consultant in Geneva as such, the Swiss government has stressed his ineligibility to be accepted as the ambassador of Lesotho to Switzerland. The authorities in Switzerland equally made it clear it would not grant him any further privileges and immunities in private capacity, including but not limited to benefit from customs and privileges for the importation of personal goods, tax exemptions (eg. direct or indirect taxes, including VAT), right to CD plates reserved for diplomats for his private vehicle,  right to employ private domestic staff etc.  But that is not all. According to the law, a diplomat is prohibited from any professional or commercial activity outside their diplomatic domain. This has been re-emphasised by the Swiss government. Mr Kao whose CV describes as an expert in trade policy and international development for the African, Caribbean and Pacific Group, works as an Independent Trade and Development Consultant at the Geneva-based organisation, according to the International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development. He allegedly provided advisory service to the Ministry of Trade of Lesotho in that capacity.

In view of the obvious problems and unfavourable conditions above ““ talk less conflict of interest ““ the Swiss government is adamant and rejected the ambassadorial appointment of Mr. Moshe Neo Kao, the son-in-law of the Prime Minister Pakalitha Mosisili of Lesotho. However, the government of Lesotho sees it differently. According to the spokesperson of the government, Moshe Neo Kao has the right and necessary and needed qualifications to be appointed as the country`s ambassador to Switzerland. But the opposition accuses the government of blatant nepotism.

In the African political arena, where sycophancy, political abracadabra, and godfatherism go hand in hand. Some political bulldogs and zealous spin-doctors of government have seen the present debacle as a political opportunism.

“Immunity? Ah, that is not a big issue. Why can`t he come back here and we inject him with diplomatic immunity vaccination? After all, when we want to travel to places where there is a health risk, we get a vaccination, which provides us immunity against the disease.“ One zealous sycophant suggested to the Prime Minister.

Yet another spin doctor even insisted that the government must deny that Mr. Moshe has ever lived in Switzerland or has any residence permit of the said country.

“Let them prove it. It could be his twin brother or look-alike living in Switzerland. Definitely, not our designated ambassador to Switzerland. My belief is, in whatever you do, if you are not caught red-handed, deny! That`s why I love Trump. When confronted with the Russian hack, he insisted “It could be Russia, China, Iran or someone else sitting behind his computer somewhere. You never know.”“

When reminded that the Swiss government could easily identify Mr. Moshe using his fingerprint or other personal records, needed before a residence permit is issued, the self – acclaimed political wizard smiled:

“Diplomats are not subject to mandatory fingerprinting.“

Wondering why  Moshe Neo Kao, the son-in-law of the Prime Minister Pakalitha Mosisili of Lesotho would not be the next ambassador of Lesotho to Switzerland, after all? With the said qualifications, coupled with available immunity vaccine in Lesotho and all the political talismans, and godfatherism, is there anything impossible in Africa, if one has the right “vaccine“?


Never mind those who cry the nepotism wolf ““ after all, this is Africa.




The above story is a parody.  It is entirely fictitious;  therefore none of the characters mentioned in the story are real.