Playing the Coronavirus Joker Poker

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I love playing the poker game because it stimulates one’s thinking faculty. Sure, you’ve got to be very attentive, calculative, creative – and sometimes even innovative and desperate, as the situation changes. Yes, desperate to win – especially when you believe time and circumstances seem to be against you. That calls for more thoughtfulness. Thoughtfulness before you play your seemingly last joker, knowing that in most cases, that last joker might be your best weapon – or the last opportunity – to win, especially, when you have limited time left.

I was playing a poker game. Of course, the end goal was to win, so excuse my shrewdness. In my attempt to win, some called me a divisive cheat, who wouldn’t mind destroying any perceived opponent to win. Others believed I was selfish. Well, tell me how you could win any game without being selfish. Yet many saw in me a narcissist who would rather listen to – and believe – sycophants and praise singers, rather than honest experts’ advice. Ok, but the truth is sometimes bitter; I prefer something sweet to bitter. Who wouldn’t? In any case, those you called sycophants, were perfect gentlemen and women; at least, they told me what I wanted to hear. Who cared, as far as I won the game. So if you did not understand my combatant and manipulative nature, then that is your cup of tea.

In this game the only word that mattered was Win! Win!! and Win!!!. Win at all costs. Nothing in between. No sympathy or mercy for the losers.

Everything was going well, despite all the dirty tricks I employed to win. I was doing pretty good. Yes, you might accuse me of inheriting dividends from the strategies of my predecessor player, but you didn’t want me to admit that openly, did you? Doing so would destroy my ego. I believe you definitely needed that ego if you wanted to be regarded as the best. The best player in the world. People loved me. In fact, many have told me nobody could play the poker game better than I did.  

The game was about coming to an end. The unexpected happened. Suddenly, all my plans seemed to be collapsing in the twinkling of an eye. So fast, so unexpectedly. The poker table was turning against me. My economy joker seemed suddenly an ineffective winning card to play. I was left with very limited cards. In such a precarious and uncertain situation, often panic sets in.

Trying to use the last jokers in my arsenal to win the poker game. Tried the hydroxychloroquine joker? Seemed not strong enough. Playing a doctor? The doctor. Ultraviolet joker? Disinfectant joker? Both experts and non-experts revolted. Do you now understand why I was rather comfortable with my descent, perfect praise-singers? By the way, that disinfectant joker was a sarcastic joker. Well, whether you, believe it or not, hasn’t changed the fact that I was the best. The best joker poker player in the world, I am. 

I continued pulling out the jokers…….

Jumped out my bed, sweating furiously and confused. Was this my mere imagination or  reality? Tell me it was a dream! Or a joker joke, perhaps!