President John Magufuli of Tanzania and the Eradication of the Fake Certificate Syndrome

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The no-nonsense president of Tanzania, John Magufuli has ordered the sacking of 10,000 civil servants, most of them in a senior position, for alleged possession of fake certificates. The president has given the affected workers until 15 May to resign and leave voluntarily or face prosecution and possibly up to 7 years imprisonment, if found guilty.

Although the number of the concerned persons is huge (at least ten thousand families will be affected), many have praised the action of the president. Supporters of the move, amongst them, President Benjamin Mkapa, believe that the steps taken by the President are long overdue. They insist that the country should be run by those who are qualified for their jobs. Little wonder, they argue, the economy has been stagnant all these years.
On the other hand,   opponents see the action of President   Magufuli as irresponsible and overzealous,   which will create unemployment and hardship to families and leave the economy weak.

What do you think about the sacking of the 10,000 civil servants in Tanzania due to alleged possession of fake certificates? Share your views?


video: BBC