Press Release: Liam courtesy visit to schools in Kisaasi and Makerere

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On November 6, 2019, the Katakata Africa Ambassador, Katabira Liam held a meeting with the teachers and pupils of Kids world Nursery and Junior school Kisaasi as well as the Makerere Hill College in Uganda. In his pledge to encourage more young children to write stories, Liam held a two-hour meeting at the school.

Ever since Liam became the ambassador for Kata Kata Cartoon Magazine, Kid World Nursery and Junior school Kisaasi becomes the second school to host him.  The main objective of the visit was to seek a partnership with the school to implement the 5-year plan of developing the talents of young writers.

During the visit, Liam interacted with some of the learners and spoke about their expectations in joining the program.

The pupils requested Kata Kata Cartoon Magazine through Katabira Liam, the Brand Ambassador to support them to form a writer’s club to improve their reading and writing skills. Many children showed interest and are willing to come on board.

Liam Katabira equally visited the Makerere Hill College, where students learnt about Kata Kata magazine as well. During his courtesy visit, the school showed its interested to work in a partnership with Kata Kata to create awareness of the importance of reading and writing amongst the students.

Since October 1, 2019, Kata Kata Cartoon Magazine signed up Liam as the Brand Ambassador; a role he has so far executed with much passion and seriousness. We hope to recruit more young African writers from various schools, especially those between the age of 3 to 15 years. We would like to welcome you all to join our children’s events.