Proverb of the Week

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Pein dan kan jo ya, di voorika an tua.   (Buli, Ghana )

If an arrow has not entered deeply, then its removal is not hard. ( English)


The Buli people of Ghana are known to be farmers, who have much knowledge of soil. The proverb helps demonstrate their wide understanding of the rocky soil. Literary, the proverb means that If an arrow has not entered deeply into the soil, it is easy to remove. However, if the same arrow is thrown / goes deep into the soil / rock, it becomes difficult to remove. Since the arrow is being used by the Buli community to hurt animals, it is expected that the arrow must go deep into the target, otherwise, it becomes an ineffective shot, which gives the animal / enemy an opportunity to escape.

That said, the proverb can be used on other occasions. It can be used to mean that every activity one engages themselves in must be done in a good and effective way in order to achieve a satisfactory result. For example, you are being taught how to undertake an action, if this is not done well, there is a tendency for you to do it wrong because you are either not well informed or your   interpretation is wrong.

Contrarily, if you are into a bad habit, one could use the above proverb to warn you about the repercussion of the bad habit – especially, if you allow yourself to get deep into the bad habit. If you allow it to consume you, it might become very difficult to come out of it. Therefore, in everything we do, let’s think well in order to make right choices and send out right messages. Our actions must be done in a good and effective way in order to achieve a satisfactory result.

At the end of the day, the choices we make in our lives can make or destroy us.