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Ma’di a erwa ni Ma’di. (Ma`di, Sudan / Uganda)

The cure of the Ma’di is Ma’di. (English)

Often when we have problems, we must first seek solutions to them within before we see outside help (Meaning)

Traditional or culturally, when there is a problem amongst the Ma`di group of Sudan and Uganda, they first try to settle it internally before they seek outside help. If there is a crime or marital problem in the village, the affected village tries first to solve them. They only refer the case to the government or a higher authority after the village has failed to solve it.

Looking at Africa in general, one is faced with opportunities and problems as well ““ just like on many other continents. However, unlike in the West, Africans often try to first seek outside help when confronted with problems. In most cases, the root of these problems is in their midst, hence the solutions to them can easily be found if one could first look strictly at their environments where the obstacles originate. From the problems of refugees, unemployment, development, crime, environment, etc., the solution lies within Africa if one looks critically at them. Seeking an outside help could lead to a situation whereby the outsider dictates or administers a “wrong medicine“ to the problem. Is the cure of African Ma`di not African Ma`di? Share you views please.

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