Quail Egg: A Miracle Money Making Product in Africa

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If there is  something interesting ““ and indeed surprising – about Africa, it is a continent where smart fastidious individuals can capitalize on the gullibility of others and make millions within the twinkling of an eye. It is a place where even monkey`s red ass, sweetly coated with a little lie and persuasion, can be marketed as omnipotent product and sold for millions of dollars   for simple minded individuals.

Little wonder, therefore, why recently, some avaricious Africans have marketed quail eggs and meat as wonder drugs against all kinds of sicknesses such as diabetes, Anemia, Aids, tuberculosis, chronic pneumonia, stomach ulcers, bronchial asthma, impotence to name just a few claims. Even though there are no scientific findings to back up the claims, many gullible individuals are spending much of their hard earned money buying the ‘miracle product.’ To crown it all, some people in Kenya strongly believe eating quail eggs could make their favourite English Premier League club like Manchester United, win a match. Excuse me! Ok, I guess you perhaps will start to understand why quail eggs must have become an essential commodity in the UK, Kenya and a host of other countries, where those club supporters are continuously munching quail eggs uncontrollably in the hope that their various league clubs will benefit from the quail egg miracle. You still don`t understand why soon quail eggs will take over from khat as the national past ““ time munching delicacy in Kenya? Logically, the club with the most supporters that eat much of the miracle quail eggs, wins more. Interestingly, looking at the miserable position Manchester United   is occupying in the Premier League table, could it be that the club`s supporters have minimized eating the wonder quail eggs ever since Sir Alex Ferguson  left the club? Our reporter wondered. Nevertheless, God save the Queen – and of course, the English traditional breakfast of chicken eggs, bacon and sausage from the quail egg invasion!

Scientifically, quail egg, with higher levels of phosphorus, potassium and essential amino acids such as lysine, threonine, tyrosine and glycerin is more nutritious than chicken eggs. However, many research findings, coupled with numerous articles have debunked the quail eggs miracle misconception. Despite the result of the findings that quail eggs are rather nutritional rather than medicinal, the myopic rush for the “miracle“ egg has instead increased in Africa.

For those who take the quail egg discourse nonchalantly as yet another mere misconception, which has little or nothing to do with them, listen to the lamentations and warnings from various medical experts. From medical doctors, pharmacists down to dietitians, the handwriting on the wall is the same.

“We are facing a very dangerous precedent in Africa due to these shoddiest products. Many people on ARV treatment shunned medication for the miracle quail eggs. This is absolutely the most dubious rip ““ offs by nefarious elements who are heartlessly parasites to peoples` ignorance. Tell them there is no proof quail eggs will make you healthier.“ Dr. Amos Nkane of Hillcrest Medical Centre in Nairobi, Kenya, pleaded with his lone female patient, who was standing next to the swarm of multitude “patients“ queuing in front of a quail egg seller next to the doctor`s clinic.

But do quail egg sellers see it that way? Definitely, not now that the price of a quail egg has skyrocketed handsomely following the myopic miraculous attributes attached to the quail products in Africa. Worse still, with the latest quail farming venture accreditation by the  Kenya Wildlife Service KWS, aimed at encouraging farmers, many dubious elements do not need more rare government endorsement of quail products as a miraculous answer to all the societal health problems.

“I am the living witness that quail egg makes you rich. We cannot complain; business is going well“ The egg seller confessed, standing cheerfully next to his posh car, counting piles of his daily monetary returns from his quail egg business. Looking at the swarm of buyers, who were queuing, waiting and praying that the much demanded “miracle product“ reached their turn before being sold out,  the seller confessed to our reporter that he was seriously considering opening an outlet in all the major cities in Kenya, employ managers, enroll them into an intensive course in oratory persuasion and “relax for the rest of my life.“

Asked whether he truly believed the medicinal attributes of the quail products he was selling, he responded cynically: “Why are those customers standing in the sun the whole day, waiting to buy them if they don`t believe in what they are buying.“

He quickly changed the topic when the reporter reminded him that the question was whether he ““ not the customers ““ believed that the quail product is medicinal.

According to our authoritative sources, many politicians in Zaire, Uganda, Kenya and Nigeria have started lobbying those in the corridor of power to obtain sole import license for quail egg. One of them from Nigeria boasted behind the camera that as a sole importer of quail eggs, he intended to flood the market with the egg in what he called “operation quail miracle.“ Nor do many religious zealots want to miss the golden opportunity offered by the quail egg. Many churches and “healing centers“ have started selling “blessed quail eggs“ to their obsolete congregation. A “senior pastor“ of one of the churches has decided rather to start his own quail egg farm, from where he hopes, his church will be buying the blessed quail eggs “at a good price.“

“As you see me now, me, I can perform very well. You see how my body stron` kakarakaa!! Before, my wife left me after 50 years of marriage. Now she wan` come back after she heard what I can do in the room. You wan` try me? Me, I thank quail egg and the government that publicized it.“ One 76 ““ year ““ old Nigerian, Julius Ochene boasted.

Of course, our reporter did not take up Pa. Ochene`s challenge, so it was difficult to ascertain his claims, but she knows one thing for sure: the placebo ““ effect is to medicine what quail egg is to crafty quail egg sellers. It is not strange to believe that a placebo works more on gullibility. As far as some people strongly believe in the quail egg as a natural healing and miracle product, many iniquitous elements out there are bound to enrich themselves immensely from the placebo ““ effects of that belief.



The above story is a parody. It is entirely fictitious; therefore none of the characters mentioned in the story are real