Religion: The Need to Look at the Religion Urgently From Another Perspective

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Have you ever asked yourself why you are willing and ready to insult, fight, die or kill others for the sake of religion, while you have no problems to worship or praise criminals who have stolen – and still steal –  your billions of dollars from the government with a  gun or a pen and effectively put your life and indeed that of your children and future generation in a miserable, dangerous, hopeless and precarious position?

Why would you not have problems to castigate your neighbour as an enemy, simply because their religion is different from yours? Why do you strongly believe that your religion is the one and only acceptable religion and an only way to heaven, and those of others not? Why are you strongly convinced that your actions are sanctioned by God and those of others not? Why do you believe heaven is the best and ultimate place, yet you have never been there to confirm your belief?  Why is paradise your main aim and destination after death, while you desperately fight for your life when you are sick?

If one could define religion as practices and other cultural systems of behaviours, ethics, and worldviews, which relate humanity to “an order of existence“ and explain why things are the way they are, logically speaking, therefore, one could say that religions aim to give a meaning to life. Perhaps…..but the meaning of “meaning” becomes meaningless if “meaning to life” is made meaningless by human beings. Interestingly, religion is not like mathematics, which shows that one plus one is two -whether this simple equation is tackled in Kabul or Mongolia, the answer is the same. Religion is the product of belief. Generally, therefore, faith – and to a certain extent, reason – has been considered a source of religious beliefs and the cement that holds religion intact. This clearly explains why religious pronouncements, prophecy and other acts attributed to God by our religious leaders have become a norm in our every day, and “religious” instructions given by religious leaders, followed diligently, and in most cases, with gullibility by the followers. So, it is not unusual to hear claims of “prophecies”, “revelation”from those who claim to be your priests, Iman, Rabbi, and other religious leaders. Yes, “God told me in my dream”….Good to hear, but who can prove that claim?  Hum! Even if you slept in the same room with your religious leader when the dream was “revealed” to them, I can assure you, you still cannot prove there was any communication between them and God, talk less authenticating the content. For sure, a dream is an exclusive “right“ of an individual. So where does this lead us to? Human beings have become mere gullible objects with little or no thinking faculty and inability to make independent decisions.

  From anti-Semitism to jihadism and hatred for Islam, we live in a world of hate and intolerance.  The current barbaric terrorism around the world does not help in creating unnecessary conflict and war rather than a peaceful co-existence. Sadly, dichotomy, castigation, and generalisation of all Muslims as “terrorists” has become the order of the day. The goal of some fanatics to kill all non-believers and create a world full of only Muslims and with Islam as the only religion cannot be underestimated.  If not anything, these unhealthy treads and irrational, dangerous ideologies only set a dangerous precedent, causing frictions and irreconcilable differences amongst different groups – and individuals. Does Karl Marx’s classification of the religion as the opium of the masses make sense?

 However, fear and power attributed to religion start to crumble when too many questions are asked. If you see the luxurious life of your religious leaders, you still do not say anything, and they brag to your hearing that they have more than 20 houses eight private jets, Infinity SUVs all “given to them by God,” and you still worship them, check yourself into a psychiatric ward. Yes, given to them by the same God, whose only son Jesus never even owned a donkey? I am yet to read in the Koran the Prophet Mohammed owed 20 villas or drove SUVs. Nor did Abraham fly a private jet. You hear one self-proclaimed Bishop Daniel Obinim of Ghana arrogantly intimated about one of his cars: “If you cross that car, it stops automatically, and its door is not slammed, it shuts by itself. It is also bulletproof,“ and you still believe God loves your religious leaders more than you or your religious leaders are more righteous than you, as such, you merit your miserable situation and hardship in life, then, you need to tighten those loose screws in your head – urgently.

You have not wondered why your religious leaders need a bullet-proof car when they preach to you that paradise is the best place for you after death? Have you?Likewise, those who ask you to wear a bomb jacket and kill innocent people for the sake of religion, and promise you a beautiful and peaceful place is prepared for you in paradise after your death, why haven’t you thought of asking them to die first and enjoy the paradise? If your religious leaders truly love the paradise, just love and worship their private jets, SUVs, villas, money,why wouldn’t they be the ones to go – and if possible, live permanently there –just the same way they fight and struggle to acquire those earthly possessions?Could it be your religious leaders don’t love paradise? Or are they allergic to the heavily home?

Normally, religion is a necessary instrument to bring coherence and meaning to the meaningless society,if well followed. The problems facing us in our societies are not religion, but how the religions are interpreted. It is very dangerous to incorporate religion into politics. Very explosive. Just like it is deadly to interpret religious messages wide-eyed. If we could have religious freedom and practice religion with tolerance, love, and respect, we will be surprised to discover that religion can be a uniting factor -despite our different religions – which could lead to peace, stability and social development. Yes, that is when we will soon understand that paradise starts – and it is indeed – on the earth as well.Paradise on earth.

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