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It has never been my intention to engage myself in watery empirical arguments, but sometimes, when certain rattling statements are constantly made ““ especially by those who should have known better ““ and ALL members of certain groups (or individuals) are exposed to unnecessary misconception, it then becomes the DUTY of every right thinking person to react and expose one`s gullibility and set the records straight. Recently, my attention has been drawn to a blog/message on the Facebook ““ very unfortunate message indeed, considering the identity of the writer and the relationship to the same people he sets out to crucify.


A cheap statement like this calls for a simple question. Unfortunately, I asked you very simple and straightforward questions, which you refused to / could not answer. Here they go again: (1) Do you know ALL NIGERIANS OR HAVE YOU HAD CONTACT WITH ALL NIGERIANS in the world to enable you make such a strong, but unfortunate conclusion, posted on the Facebook for multi-million readers? (2) Have you EVER had any Good CONTACTS or BEEN HELPED by some Nigerians in your life? If you had contacts with ALL NIGERIANS and you concluded (of course, one could argue that the conclusion could have been your personal opinion, which could be biased) they were bad, then you probably have a point there. If you have not had any good contact with or never been helped by a Nigerian, then your argument might be understandable. However, since you started your message to the Facebook world with “I really apologize to any of my Nigerian friends and family“ (regardless whether the word “apologize“is meant sarcastically or not) I have no other option (logical/ semantically speaking) than to assume that you may have had / have “Nigerian friends ““ regardless. In that case, it is a big stab in the back of those good Nigerians (oh…. I just forgot there are really NO good living Nigerian as far as you are concerned, so pardon me for using the adjective “good”!) who have had good contacts with you, helped, loved, trusted or considered you their pals. Obviously, according to you, your “conclusion“is based on your experience with Nigerians. It worries me to wonder why you keep on giving the same “bad Nigerians“ the opportunity to create “bad experiences“ with them? Why didn`t don`t you leave them alone, if you consider them ALL BAD? It is not too bad to make a mistake, but it is perhaps questionable and indeed unacceptable to some, to make THIS SAME MISTAKE. Perhaps, you rather should ask yourself why you allow(ed) yourself to make the same mistakes? Yes, there are bad eggs around there, and their irresponsible acts MUST be equivocally CONDEMNED, but ARE ALL MEMBERS OF THE GROUP BAD EGGS AND IRRESPONSIBLE? Your guess is as good as mine. Perhaps, this link might (dis)interest you:

You argued: “when you have incurred / been in various bad experiences with the same group of individuals, it becomes norm to the human mind.” Can you kindly define a “norm“? It might interest you to know that what is a “norm“ to A might not be to B! Secondly, “norms“are not only “made“ but equally NEVER STATIC, as such, they are subject to a change. My dear, “experiences“ (re) ENFORCE attitude and world views; they are simply EMPIRICAL and certainly NEVER a “NORM”(if you understand what I mean here by a “norm”) to make objective/ scientific conclusions or proofs. Experiences WITHOUT a scientific proof is an opium for biased minds.

You went further: “……well at least the rest of the world seems to agree “common denominator.” Related to my point above, is it enough to make a conclusion about something, simply because “the world seem to agree with it? I am not sure it is RIGHT and ACADEMIC to think this way. Based on some people’s (bad) experiences with Kenyans, they might quickly and myopically conclude they are arrogant, unfriendly, aggressive, money minded (in case of the Kikuyu tribe) etc. Are these characteristics typical of / in EVERY Kenyan? Hell NOT!!! Same way, some individuals might consider Ugandans desperately poor, stingy or money minded simply because of their experiences with or knowledge about Uganda. If this watery argument about Uganda holds water, it would be a “deviation from the norm” ( the same “norm“ you mentioned) to see a Ugandan living or study comfortably abroad. It is common knowledge that many innocent kids have been victims of miserable rapes in South Africa. Some of these kids are a few months old. Does this evil act make ALL South Africans child rapists? Absolutely not!! Again, leaving our experiences and knowledge for the lazy minds and talking about scientific proofs, I can assure you that, NOT EVEN A SCIENTIFIC PROOF IS ENOUGH TO COLLECTIVELY PUT A GROUP IN A NEGATIVE BOX AND MAKE A GULLIBLE CONCLUSION ABOUT THE GROUP. For example: it is scientifically proved that Uganda had (and now it is slowly crippling back…) explosive AIDS epidemic (Thanks to M7 who gallantly fought and reduced it) …. and before I forget “…. at least “the rest of the world seems to agree “common denominator”” about Ugandan AIDS problems. Would that SCIENTIFIC (not even a mere experience which can be subjected to debate) proof be enough to conclude that ALL Ugandans are HIV positive? Definitely NOT!! From the figures available, “at least the rest of the world seems to agree “common denominator” that most terrorist attacks are carried out by Muslims. Would that be enough to label ALL MUSLIMS terrorists despite the raw facts that there are many incredibly honest, peace loving Muslims around – including those related to us? God forbid! Some people’s experience in Africa could tell you that many human beings (Liberians, Ugandans, Nigerians, Kenyans, … name them) love money and the so called rich ones would go so low as to steal from even the poorest ones and even from those they consider their friends. You could see that typical behaviour anywhere, including in Uganda. Is that enough to “˜prove“ that ALL rich Ugandans are dishonest or money conscious? It would be very silly to make such a myopic conclusion. Interestingly, ” the world seems to agree “common denominator” that women are weak, sex objects less “intelligent”(if one can tell me what that word”intelligence” is and how best to measure it) ….the count goes on..Can one intelligently put ALL women (we should not forget that human beings have MULTIPLE IDENTITIES as such it is absolutely impossible to classify a group as having same ” world experience/ identity”…. would you say that a female medical professor from Canada, USA , Uganda, Nigeria – Oh, Nigeria? Are there “intelligent”ones there apart from “criminals”?? – has the same “world views, ideology etc as a woman selling sachet of water on the street of Mogadishu – even though they are BOTH SAME GENDER / GROUP? So when ” the world seems to agree “common denominator” which “common denominator” does it use as a YARDSTICK or JUDGEMENTAL STANDARD?

Intelligence is not about having hundred diplomas, but a mere ability to reason rationally and logically without sentiments. When one sees a minority / group (woman, foreigner, black, African etc etc) and treats them distrustfully simply because the world believes they are weak, lazy, “unintelligent“(same concept?) etc, then we are, unknowingly, but definitely ““ and for that matter, carelessly – creating a violent, aggressive and hateful social relationship in particular and the world in general. Yes, like in EVERY SOCIETY / SOCIAL SITUATION and amongst EVERY GROUP, we have the good the bad and the ugly. There might be – and there are indeed – individuals who are social deviants, bad elements and law breakers, but PLEASE, WE MUST TREAT AND INDEED JUDGE EVERYONE AS AN INDIVIDUAL – ABSOLUTELY NOT AS A GROUP. Otherwise, we might indirectly create a situation whereby one (accused / accuser“¦. Oh yes, often, when we point at one, the rest of our fingers point back at us unconsciously) might (wrongly) be judged negatively (who feels it knows it), thus, exposing one to unnecessary ridicule and low evaluation, which should not be the case. Regardless, I want to believe that we all have more important things and discourses to focus our attention on rather than engaging in trivial issues, which call attention of the lazy minds.

Lest I forget, kudos to my gentleman Muhumuza Robert, a Uganda, for your unbiased comment. You are an apostle of love, a free but scarce ingredient the world desperately needs to make a big peaceful change.
Rather than creating a poisonous social relationship during this important festive period, let s relax ourselves with Kata kata cartoon and have a long laugh. Click here: