Rwanda Ranked 3rd Least Corrupt Country in Africa

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Rwanda has been ranked the third least corrupt country in Africa by the global Corruption Perception Index.

Rwanda shares the third place with Mauritius, behind Botswana and Cape Verde, which are ranked first and second respectively. With 54 percentages, Rwanda is ranked 50th world-wide, while  Denmark and New Zealand emerged the least corrupt countries, according to the annual report, produced by Transparency International. The government of Rwanda welcomed the ranking and promised to do more to score higher next time.

While reacting to the ranking, Vincent Munyeshyaka, Rwanda`s state minister in charge of socio-economic development at the Ministry of Local Government, retaliated, his government`s zero tolerance to corruption and total commitment to good governance in general, which, he believes, is not only a prerequisite to economic growth but peace and security as well. Accordingly Mr. Munyeshyaka, the ranking was only possible due to the meaningful and collective actions involving all organs of the government .

Twenty three years after the 1994 brutal genocide, which claimed more than 800, 000 lives within 100 days, the government of President Paul Kagame has judiciously shown the world that Africa can compete with ““ if not do better than ““ the west if committed leaders and serious and sound economic policies are on the ground. Rwanda does not have mineral resources like oil or diamond, which are abundant in many African countries like Nigeria, Angola, Sudan, Libya, the Democratic Republic of Congo, South Sudan,  South Africa, Equatorial Guinea, Tunisia, etc. yet the government has shown total commitment to sound economic policies and eradication of corruption. The commitment has yielded fruitful dividend by bringing serious, meaningful changes in the lives of its citizens.

Listen to Mr.  Munyeshyaka:

“We still have a long journey to cover; the performance so far is good, but our target is to be ranked among the best countries worldwide in the near future.”

Are other African leaders listening?