The “S…hole Countries” Stigmatization and the Multiplicity of Semantics.

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Even though some Africans have taken President Trump’s “S…hole Countries” stigmatization in good faith and rather challenged their African leaders to prove Mr. Trump or white extremists wrong through good governance, others, especially Americans, have in fact argued that President Donald Trump and those who voted for him are indeed the real “S…holes.” Really? Hum! Can you see how meaning and identity operate? Meaning can be multiple and it can only be derived contextually. That brings one back to the issue of identity and stereotype. Suddenly President Donald Trump and the US have in fact become the “S…holes” in the eyes of some individuals.

If identity can be so multiple and fragmented one may wonder why Africa(ns) is/are still always portrayed the same way in the western media. Please listen to the video and share your view. Visit:   / for more thought-provoking African issues.