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Mark Robert Michael Wahlberg’s life story could indeed make a captivating money-yielding movie. As a talented and prolific actor, he is absolutely breaking the earning records with his talent. Clearly, Mr. Wahlberg’s journey to stardom is a typical case, and for that matter, a manifestation of an individual’s willingness and determination to take responsibility for their shortcomings and make a meaningful change in their life. At the same time, Mark Robert Michael Wahlberg’s work and success, to some, have ironically come to symbolize all that is wrong in the Hollywood and movie world in general, where latent sexism has become a norm and an unspeakable everyday reality.

Mark Robert Michael Wahlberg’s was born on June 5, 1971, in the working class Boston district of Dorchester. The actor’s parents divorced when he was 11, and the young Mark went off the rails. By age 14 he had dropped out of school and had problems with drug addictions and was regularly in trouble with the police.

At 16, the Transformer star was already a troubled youth who was convicted on a tail of felonies, including an attack on two Vietnamese men he was trying to steal beer from. He also had a track record of dealing in drugs and being a victim of cocaine addiction, throwing rocks and shouting racial epithets at African-American children. Despite the rock bottoms he hit in his youthful life that did not break him.

“I realized it wasn’t what I wanted at all. I’d ended up in the worst place I could possibly imagine and I never wanted to go back. First of all, I had to learn to stay on the straight and narrow.” He admitted.

His faith influenced him to rebrand himself to one of the most respected and talented people the world have seen in this era. With trial and error, the transformer star invested his talent in music, television advertising, sports franchise, restaurant franchise, television production, film, and charities too. With that, Mark began earning positive reviews after films. That landed him as an Oscar nominee and helped him to achieve other accolades.


  According to Forbes, Mark Robert Michael Wahlberg, the former rapper-turned-actor is Hollywood’s highest-paid leading man, earning $68 million before taxes and fees in an annual scoring period. At 46, he has earned the biggest payday of his career, thanks to soaring upfront fees for the big-budget fare, including Transformers: The Last Knight, Lone Survivor, and Deep-water Horizon. (Definitely big budgets). Given that his movies have grossed $5.9 billion globally, a couple of under-performers won’t hurt his reputation as a box office gamer, but Wahlberg will be looking to justify his eight-figure upfront fees with a hit forthcoming Daddy’s Home 2. Well, this is what you have to know, he tops the list of the most paid actor and he is admired in the world despite his shortcomings. He also beats the other Hollywood darlings: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (No. 2; $65 million).Vin Diesel (No. 3; $54.5 million) Adam Sandler (No. 4; $50.5 million) and Jackie Chan (No. 5; $49 million).

Mark Wahlberg faced heat recently from the magnum audience for a “jaw-dropping” payment 1,500 times more than Micelle William for re-shooting “All the money in the world” ( MONEY). However, reports in the Washington Post and USA Today claimed Walhberg received $1.5m to do the scenes, while Williams had received just the above scale, totaling less than $1,000. The news prompted uproar in the film world and became a rallying cry for the gender pay gap in Hollywood. This prompted figures including Jessica Chastain and Judd Apatow calling for answers as to how such a huge disparity between actors had occurred. Wahlberg is known in Hollywood as a shrewd negotiator. The Post, citing sources close to the negotiations, reported then that Wahlberg was paid at least $2 million for approximately 10 days of work. (Well thanks to his smart bids).

  In the wake of criticism over news that Mark Wahlberg made $1.5 million for extensive reshoots on All the Money in the World while his co-star Michelle Williams received only a per diem of $80 a day, the 46-year-old actor has decided to donate $1.5 million to the a legal fund for victims of sexual harassment. His action was meant to show his support for salary equality in the Hollywood, following the controversy over the massive pay gap between him and a female co-star. Some have questioned the motive behind his donation: his honest belief in gender equality or a “damage control” in view of the recent gender uproar?  But Michael Wahlberg went further and explained his decision on 6th January Saturday 2018 when the announcement was made:

“Over the last few days my reshoot fee for All the Money in the World has become an important topic of conversation,” Wahlberg said in the statement. “I 100% support the fight for fair pay and I’m donating the $1.5M to the Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund in Michelle Williams’ name.”

With the recent cases of sexual harassments and other forms of sexism rocking the Hollywood establishment, what do YOU think about the Mark Wahlberg’s story? Is Mark Wahlberg the Hollywood’s “Simba”? And if YES / NO, why?

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Compiled by Arthur Adil