Somalia: President Farmajo Offers Amnesty   to al-Shabab Fighters Amidst Declaration of War

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The new president of Somalia Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo has offered al-Shabab militants a 60-day amnesty. Somalia`s president who declared war on the terrorist group promised to offer training, employment, and education to members of al-Shabab, who surrender to the government.

Battling with a series of attacks and a spate of kidnappings of aid workers from al-Shabab, including the most recent explosion on Thursday that left 10 people dead, President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo, used a carrot and stick approach to put pressure on the al ““ Shabab.

He announced his amnesty plans at a news conference in the capital Mogadishu, at the same time, promised a full scare response to the terrorist campaign of terror. Perhaps to back up his promise to fight back al-Shabab, the president equally announced his plans to shake up all the command structure of the country`s security services.

“We want to pardon the Somali youth who were misled by al-Shabab. Terror attacks have become frequent and all Somali forces are in a state of alert to combat insecurity and terror.” The president said, dressed in military uniform.

President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo has reshuffled the security department, replacing Senior officers in Somalia’s intelligence service and police force. The exercise also affected military command, national intelligence unit and prison where new bosses were appointed. It is believed that the president recent steps aim at consolidating gains made by the UNO mission in the country. Furthermore, unlike former President Obama, the new president of the USA, Donald Trump has decided to intensify military commitments in Somalia. Mr. Farmajo is therefore believed to try to reinforce the recent gains by putting excessive military pressure on al-Shabab.

With the promised military campaign against al ““ Shabab and the amnesty offer to the militants, president Abdullahi Farmajo has promised: “new beginning” for Somalia. Let`s hope he is right.