Somalia: Tell Me Something!

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Believe it or not, the once almost totally destroyed, neglected and some would dare argue, “hopeless” country, Somalia is no more what you might think. The country has embarked on a tough, yet determined journey to prosperity. Thanks to African Peace Keeping forces, led by the highly experienced and indomitable forces of Uganda, supported by other African forces from Burundi and Kenya, Somalians have debunked all the pessimists and war mongers and decided to say ‘enough is enough.” The once fearful terrorist group, Al Shabaab, has been dealt with. Courageously, the peace loving Somalians are increasingly and indeed, stubbornly saying no to violence and anarchy.

Somalia is systematically metamorphosing to a success story. More than two decades of war, coupled with merciless years of drought, the country has decided to transform itself from self-pity to a semi- functioning state by gallantly taking its faith and identity in its hands. This is a collective achievement by dedicated Somalians. Is there any peace – loving Somalian who would not like to be part of this priceless and noble achievement?

We must all believe in the peaceful road Somalia has chosen, aimed at self-reliance and social- political development. The results of the commitments are there for everyone to see. The economy of the country is booming – so are businesses. Many diaspora Somalians and refugees are trooping back home, bringing millions of dollars with them. Beaches are crowed by fun seeking Somalians, trying to forget the turmoil of war and hardship. Foreign companies are eagerly trying to rush and establish a presence and reap the economic benefits. Are these not reasons to be optimistic about Somalia?

Hardly are the successes enough for one to relax in jubilation; rather we must join hands together to achieve more. The Al Shabaab terrorist group is still a big nuisance. They are determined to test the will and collective determination of Somalians. We share your optimism. It is left for you to either allow the terrorists to disorganise you or join hands together and defeat them. The ball is in your court! The beautiful Somalia is your country; and the success of it is in your hands. Recently, Abdiqani Said Arab, the president of the Somalian Federation of soccer, called on the Islamists militant group, Al-Shabaab to join the nation`s Soccer league. The invitation shows the level of audacity, aspiration and hope amongst Somalians, in the face of threats from terrorists and other challenges facing the country. However, one thing is to invite Al Shabaab to join the football championship, another thing is to clearly explain to the terrorist group that football game is a game of peace, which is played with a football – not with guns, suicide belts and hand grenades. Perhaps, Al Shabaab needs to be enlightened fully on this.


Peace loving Somalians, we at Kata Kata know the challenges facing your country. Yes, life is synonymous with challenges; and the best way to face these difficulties, is sometimes to remain committed and laugh a bit. Think back from where your foggy journey started and be proud of your achievements. It takes time, but you are getting there. Perhaps, relax a bit on the beach with Kata Kata Magazine in your hands and imbibe the best medicine of all time – laughter. Is there a better way to say no to violence and yes to self-determination?



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