South Africa: The Gupta Family Scandal and the Political Consequences

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In our present political setting, it is nothing strange to have close associates benefit from the political Manna of the State or have some political influence in the government. In the USA, the godfather of democracy, “Professional lobbyist“ is a constitutionally recognized profession. It is, therefore, not abnormal to have some political heavyweights and mahoganies exercising  incredible influence in the African politics.

The question is how much influence must these non government officials have in the government? Where do we draw the line?  When does this excessive power in the government  become unconstitutional? Where is the limit?

With this in mind, the latest Gupta family scandal in South Africa can only raise a lot of questions in the minds of those following the news. Has the Gupta family gone beyond their constitutional boundary? Has President Zuma exposed the office of the President to ridicule?  Must the president be held responsible for  some of the actions of the Gupta family? Are President Zuma`s days   numbered?