Video: South African Gang Leader Threatens More Attacks Against Foreigners

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While the world is shocked by the brutal and senseless killings of foreigners in South Africa, many people, including South African leaders vehemently condemned the xenophobic butchery. However, the latest video of the self-acclaimed leader of the anti-foreigners gang, which threatens more attacks against foreigners is not only disturbing, it leaves many questions unanswered. See:


What gave the gang leader, the courage to put such a shocking, disturbing and hatred video online, despite the warnings by the leaders of South Africa to punish the xenophobic killers in their country? Is the gang leader ““ and the members, for that matter – being actively supported by some powerful forces? Is the video a direct challenge to the South African leaders who have vowed to put an end to the xenophobic attacks? Does the world community have an important moral task to punish the perpetrators of the killings accordingly? Does the leader of the group have the right to kill others in order to defend his country against foreigners?

Whatever your opinion is, the killing must stop. There are other constitutional ways of settling disagreements. Definitely, a jungle justice system is not one of the ways. South Africa has a good justice system which can take care of grievances.

The government of South Africa must act now and show the world that it has not lost control of the State.