Taking dreadlocks to another level

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Dreadlocks have become so common now in both men and women.

Unlike a few years ago, people who spotted dreadlocks were said to be wayward.

A common misconception then about people with dreadlocks is that they don’t wash their hair. Now, it’s the in –thing with both young and old fighting for space in the dreadlock world!

As much as many people think wearing dreadlocks is the easiest hairstyle, it is well, not easy or cheap if you want them to look clean and neat. That calls for its proper maintenance.

Taking care of dreadlocks needs time and dedication. So what do you need to do to keep good looking dreadlocks?



Dreadlock hair needs to be washed regularly just like un-dreaded hair, if not more. Sweat build-up causes bacteria to grow and the scalp to itch.  Excessive scratching causes hair breakage and scalp irritation.   


Hair is made of protein, so keeping a healthy diet and good hygiene is an essential part of maintaining luscious locks.  Your locks should also be treated with hair vitamin and be steamed.


Twisting should be done at least every 3-4 weeks. Dreadlocks can be twisted in either direction. Start at the base of the loc’d portion of the hair (NOT at the root near the scalp) and twist down to the scalp.  Sometimes twisting upward from the scalp causes the root sections to thin over time.


When properly styled, dreadlocks look amazing! A simple French twist can give one a classic look for the office or a night out soiree.


BY Kiki Kaliati