Talking About Violence Against Women

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Being seen (and treated) as inferior, weak, less intelligent than male, a sex object and, in fact, as everything opposite the male, the discriminatory perception and maltreatment of women can itself be a bitter traumatic experience for the female gender. Justifying such perception with the violent treatment of women, and in some cases, being killed for not living up to that patriarchal sex-role stereotype and expectations, can indeed be a nightmare for a woman and a huge stumbling block towards a productive, progressive and egalitarian society.

From female genital mutilation, girl marriage, lack of access to education and means of production, (re) production of discourse, power (economic, social, political), sexual violence, human trafficking, economical, emotional/psychological dependence on the male (you name them), all lead to one conclusion: dehumanization, fragmentation and enslavement of women. It is time to rise and fight this naked injustice that is destroying our social fabric. Read more:

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