Tanzania: Many drown as ferry capsized on Lake Victoria

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As many as, at least, 40 people have been reported dead after a ferry capsized on Lake Victoria, Tanzania.

A source had, however, insisted that the number of death could be more than 200. While about 100 people were rescued; 32 of them are thought to be in a serious condition.

According to the report, the ferry MV Nyerere, which was overloaded with more than 400 passengers capsized near the shore between the islands of Ukora and Bugolora. As of the time of this report, efforts were being made to find more victims of the tragedy.

Ferry tragic history

Tanzania has had its unimpressive history of nautical disasters. In most cases, the major reason for the disaster was overcrowding. From the death of at least 145 people in 2012, as a result of an overcrowded ferry on the island of Zanzibar in the Indian Ocean, to another ferry tragedy, which took place in 2011 on Zanzibar. That was not all. 1996 was regarded by some as the worst ferry disasters of the last century. That year, MV Bukoba capsized on Lake Victoria, killing more than 800 passengers onboard.

Once bitten, twice shy. The question is, how much had both the government of Tanzania – and Tanzanians for that matter – learned from the previous ferry disasters, to prevent such an occurrence and save innocent lives?