Tanzania: President Magufuli Sacks Allegedly Drunk Home Affairs Minister

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It is not entirely strange to see a senior government official in Africa sleeping or drunk in the office. However, it is often unthinkable to see them reprimanded. Not any more ““ at least, not in the present Tanzania. Welcome to the new Africa. Recently, the newly elected no nonsense President of Tanzania, John Magufuli sacked the Minister for Home Affairs, Charles Kitwanga, for allegedly coming to the parliament drunk. He is the first cabinet minister to be sacked by President Magufuli since he took power in December 2014.

In accordance with public service regulations that prohibit drinking while on duty, the office of the Prime Minister, explained that it is expected that  “Civil servants must have a clear mind to be able to perform government duties properly.”

While many applauded the decision of the President to sack Charles Kitwanga, a decision, which, many believe, proves President Magufuli`s determination to restore discipline in the civil service and public leadership; others argue that the decision of the President was too harsh. Regardless, the one thing that is clear: with the likes of Magufulis and Kagames in Africa, things can never be the same. It is either you behave and belong; or misbehave and get kicked out. Are there better ways to bring sanity and sense of direction in Africa?