Taxi Buffet

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Most times we get hungry and honestly, who wouldn’t want to interrupt their daily chores for food! I guess we all do that, but how do we program ourselves with our meals and venues – especially with strangers around?

It was 4 O’clock in the afternoon, I was in a Matatu (public bus), heading home from work after a tedious day. There was this beautiful woman sitting next to me and of course, I could not resist greeting her. In her hand, she was carrying a plastic (Polythene) bag and I clearly could see that silver food pack in the bag. Well, at that moment I couldn’t fathom her intentions of constantly looking into the bag until she decided to open the silver pack. Sooner than later, I had to slide that back window of the bus open: this remorseless stranger had definitely dug deep into my throat and I bet she could see that. To make matters worse, I was in the back corner of the matatu (for those who use matatu, I bet you know that spot!), otherwise, I would have asked the matatu conductor to allow me to jump out immediately. The smell was killing. Sadly, I had to bite the dust and face what was about to come. Yes!, that disgusting feeling. I mean, that suffocating feeling from the unappetizing food. Now imagine that atmosphere inside a hot taxi with everyone tired after a heavy stressful day, looking forward to a cold shower and someone decides to openly eat a disgusting meal on the public bus. Imagine that atmosphere. Where is the decency? Could this be hunger, ecstasy or perhaps a new trend?

These vices have been common in mainly Public Service Vehicles (Matatu, Buses & Trains). Dining in a vehicle is fairly good, but to a larger extent; it’s a very lethal vice that could possibly get into a frenzy. 70% of Ugandans alone use Public Service Vehicles, and given the larger numbers, they’re possibilities of hoaxing ethics and dour for example, littering in that vehicle, washing hands and some go further and spit. Hygiene, environment, personality, and respect have to be considered before getting into the act. With the emergence and menace of many epidemics such as Typhoid, Cholera, and Ebola, thousands could fall victims to such demeanors, especially, having in mind that the spread of diseases can be influenced by some clumsy routines we are not cautioned about.

For sure, we live in a free world, but who would want a free world with no ethics? “Taxi Buffet”, should be another bill to be forwarded to the Speaker’s desk to curb and fine the naughty ones. The dynamics of both a taxi and eating venues are quite different. And each of them requires a disciplined approach. My take, though.

Obviously, some might have a different attitude towards eating on a public bus. Kindly share your views about “Taxi Buffet.”

Author: Arthur Adil


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