That Unique Nigeria(n)

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Often when you hear about Nigeria, all sorts of negative thoughts come to your mind. Right? But like in many societies, you have the good, the bad and the ugly. Absolutely, there are some criminally minded Nigerians out there who have created a very negative image of the country; and of course, you equally have those who have made the country proud. Unfortunately, hardly, will you hear much about those quintessential Nigerians in the Western media. It is not “newsworthy” to mention their achievements probably. Or the media must maintain the status quo.  Of course, the media determine what is newsworthy. Don’t ask me the criteria they use to come to the conclusion – based on the ideology of the media or what the readers want. Then comes the next question: What do the readers want? Hum! Let’s leave that question for now. A deal?

Talking about the bad Nigerians, we all know that often human beings take undue advantage of every situation (good or bad) for their (selfish) end. Hum, when you hear about those bank deals, human trafficking, 419 schemes, you may as well have to ask yourself whether the culprits of those heinous crimes are always Nigerians. Could it be that some individuals are borrowing a leaf from Nigeria? Could be. Or they are using Nigeria as a cover-up? You never know. Partly, give the dog a bad name and hang it situation? Perhaps, a good reason to judge one individually based on their actions/merits rather than as a group.

Come to think of it, Nigeria must be incredibly unique that even some Whites want to copy them. Yes, unique – positively or negatively, depending on your definition. Who (doesn’t) want(s) to be a Nigerian Prince? Doesn’t that make one’s identity multiple and never single and static? Just wondering…Enjoy the video and visit Kata Kata ( for more African related issues: