The Coronavirus god and its Laws

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Asked their subjects, most would tell you the gods can be invisible, yet omnipresent. One feels their presence and anger – especially, whenever one disobeys the gods’ laws or the duties the deities expect from mankind. According to various definitions, the law is more or less, the system of rules created or set aside by a country, community, which regulates the actions of its members, and can be enforced through the imposition of penalties. From the religious point of view, the law can be defined as the body of divine commandments as expressed in religious texts such as in the Bible. Yet, one can define the law scientifically, as “a statement of fact, deduced from observation to the effect that a particular natural or scientific phenomenon always occurs if certain conditions are present.” So it is not far-fetched to talk about the law of a land, religion or gods. Or even the Coronavirus law. Welcome the Coronavirus god and its laws.

In our various countries and committees, there are laws or principles and rules by which we should live – the core principles that govern a nation and their lives, activities and the work of its people. Generally, obeying the law is rewarded positively, while problems, curses or even death await those who disobey the law. The obedience of the law is the sine qua non for a peaceful and healthy (cosmic) co-existence. With our everyday lives a reminiscence of tragedy, hardship and problems – the omnipresent threat of natural disasters – it might not be entirely wrong to assume that human beings may have proved themselves incapable or nonchalant to keep to the law. Could it be that these laws and orders may have become a lot for humans to remember or obey? Or is humanity a swarm of disobedient animals?

Whatever the case may be, the sudden arrival of the Coronavirus pandemic with its laws complicates the already difficult situation many of us are in. If there is anything more frightening about this Coronavirus, which has been slaughtering people globally, it is the fact that the virus is no respecter of class, religion, gender, race or age – if one disobeys its laws.

If you think the existing laws and duties are too many to obey, think twice. The presence of the Coronavirus presents us with even more laws to deal with if one wants to stay alive. Better wake up to that bitter reality; otherwise, you may live to battle with the consequences of your disobedience of the Coronavirus laws. Unfortunately, the only language the Corona understands is the one that keeps it at bay. Wash your hands frequently, maintain social distancing, sanitize your hands, do not shake hands, avoid close contact with the crowd, the count goes. Those are pure facts, “deduced from observation to the effect that a particular natural or scientific phenomenon always occurs if certain conditions are present.” That makes the Coronavirus a scientific phenomenon, as well as a god with its laws.

Whether under the lockdown or on the street, the Coronavirus laws are still essential today; they are all meant to give us a deeper understanding of what the Coronavirus expects from us if we want to keep the virus and pandemic at an arm’s length and avoid getting infected, which may lead to death.

You aren’t in a hurry to leave this planet, are you? Nor can you convince me you prefer to test the wrath of the Corona rather than to stay healthy. At the end of the day, despite all the difficulties and challenges that come with the Corona pandemic, you may ask yourself one fundamental question: Do you love your life?  If you do, keep the laws of the Coronavirus. The fear of the Coronavirus is the beginning of wisdom.