The Coronavirus Pandemic and the Unreliability and Unpredictability of life

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Life is the best teacher for those who wish to learn. Every day of our life is pregnant, waiting to give birth to our expectations, wishes, surprises… Or stillborn. Life is wrapped in the bud of knowns and unknowns and each day comes with a bunch of experiences. So is the Coronavirus crisis. As we mourn the innocent victims who have succumbed to the cold hands of the deadly Coronavirus, we watch in awe how our once meticulously organised social life has forcefully become labyrinthine of chaos and confusion within fractions of a millisecond. We cannot but simply accept the other realities of life we often prefer to ignore – the unpredictability and unreliability of life.

The obnoxious gate-crashed mighty Corona arrived with a radically altered lifestyle and social order, forced on us. Gone are the days human had full control over their lives. Suddenly, going out to have some fresh air – something we once took for granted – has become a luxury. The seemingly, natural kings and queens of the environment, have suddenly become prisoners in their own houses. With human beings locked up in the name of lockdown, the animals we once despised, have ironically, become freer than us. Yes, freer than we caged humans. Who could have told human beings that they would one day become more vulnerable than the animals they once looked down upon? Imagine the thoughts going on in the minds of our friends, the animals! 

What has suddenly become of those heartless beasts?” The animals imagine, perhaps.

“Why are they indoors nowadays?

How I wish you and I could understand the esoteric language of the animals. Yes, decode their interactions. Wondering what could be going on in their minds these days, as they surprisingly watch their once ruthless lords reduced to mere mortals by the murderous Coronavirus. Are these animals happy in our present state? Well, whatever might be going on in their minds, one thing seems obvious: the animals seem to be freer today, as human beings battle with the Coronavirus. The lives of the animals are perhaps safer today that the Coronavirus pandemic has drastically changed the social conditions of humans. Can life be more unreliable and unpredictable? A new life lesson.

New life experience for those human beings, who have until now, never understood what their natural mission is in the world. To bring positive changes in the lives of others or to acquire as much wealth as possible at the detriment of others? With the Almighty respectless Corona in town, the fastidious rich rogues have, perhaps, for the first time, realised that their billions stolen from the soiled sweat of the poor, would not prevent them from an unexpected death in the jolly jaw of the Coronavirus. Nor will their ill-gotten dirty billions go to the grave with them. Unfortunately, with the borders firmly closed globally, the luxury of flying out of the country for medical attention against a common cold or headache is now past. Both the rich and poor are reduced to the same life experience, thanks to the lockdown. How cruelly unpredictable can life be? Imagine a leader who stole billions meant for the provision of basic social services for the citizens, while a lot of citizens cannot afford to feed their families. What could be going on in the minds of those caged billionaire thieves, now the Coronavirus lockdown has forced everyone to share the same experience with the poor?  

Little do we remember that no condition is permanent. Every attempt we make to alter the lives of others positively, creates jobs, prosperity, progress, growth, harmony, less jealousy and crime in a country. Being a billionaire does not exonerate you from the unwanted corona calling, nor will your billions become your immortality insurance coverage. Hardly will your wealth escort you go to the grave, but the good legacies you have left behind through your actions on earth will surely continue to be the respectful ding-dong that will herald the changes in the lives of others for centuries. Can we learn a small lesson from the Coronavirus pandemic? Is it too hard for us to cast away that individualism that has destroyed our social relationship and mankind as a whole, and learn how to see ourselves and act as a team – an allied force with a common goal? 

Despite all the challenges brought about by the Corona, optimism is the best weapon to overcome – especially, in the time of difficulty. For sure, tough times never last forever; only tough people do. When the going gets tough, the tough get going. It is up to you to make a choice: decide whether you want this pandemic to destroy you or create that newness in you. Accepted the brevity of life, at the end of the day, we will soon realise that even though life is the epitome of unpredictability, we have not much to lose if we have made good choices. Take care of yourself and each other in this crisis, and remember that nothing lasts forever. Not even your life, wealth, enjoyment or hardship. Definitely, not even the Coronavirus pandemic. Keep hope alive.