Kids’ Corner: The Drunkard

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Robert lived in a village called Kireka. He was 30 years old. He had 4 children. Their names were Mukisa, Kyoto, Kyobe, and Makula. His wife was called Kevina. They lived in a small mud house roofed with grey iron sheets. All of the family members slept in the same house.

Robert did not have a big compound nor a garden. Robert did not take care of his family. It was the wife, Kevina who would work at the home of Mr Kavuma the rich man, to get money to buy food, pay children’s school fees and clothing for their family. Robert did not buy food for his family every day. He always came back home at night and always asked for food he did not leave behind from his wife.

Robert liked drinking alcohol. He also liked smoking. He used to ask for money from his wife and would go to the bar to drink. Most of the day he slept in the bar with his friends and never returned home. Even when his children were in the holidays, he smoked and smoked and drank and drank for all the holidays. He did not fear that his children were seeing him drinking alcohol. He did not care that he was not showing his children a good example. Even when his children went to school, he did not do any work; he stayed drinking all day.

One day, Robert was walking on the road.   He was holding a brown sisal bag and a half-empty brown bottle of alcohol. He was coming from the bar. He could not walk straight. He moved from one side of the road to another. The passing cyclers almost knocked him as he walked back home. As he walked, there was a log placed on the road by some children who were playing during the day. He did not see it. He tripped over and fell on the side of the road; his legs were half in the road and his head was in the grass. All the things in the bag fell in the middle of a dusty road. He was carrying a packet of cigarettes, 2 small alcohol bottles, a brown handkerchief, and one matchbox.

That night, he could not take himself back to his home. He lay on the dusty road for 3 hours. Later, when his friends he was drinking with found him sleeping, they woke him up and ordered him to go back home to his family. His two friends Muko and Male helped him to get stood up and each of them held one of his shoulders. He was taken back home.

Robert’s four children and their mother were worried that he had not returned home, yet it was already late. When the two friends reached Robert’s hut, they knocked and Kevina heard them calling out for help. She opened the tiny door so that his husband could get in. The two friends left the hut and went back to their homes.

Robert started vomiting. There was a nearby hospital. It was the best they had near their village. It belonged to Mr Katamba, The family cried and took him to the hospital. He vomited until it was morning. When the doctor asked what had happened to Robert, Kevina told him what had happened. The doctor checked and found that Robert had cancer. He told Robert that he could die of cancer because he had always smoked and drank a lot. Every member of his family was worried. Cancer is a very deadly disease. For one month, Robert stayed in the hospital until his cancer was cured. And the whole family was very happy. After he was cured, Robert did not smoke and drink alcohol again.


  • What is the moral behind the story?
  • What are the dangers of smoking and drinking a lot?
  • Did Robert treat his wife and children well?
  • How many types of cancer do you know?
  • How can you prevent cancer?

By Liam Katabira

Image: @debbey @surpassinggoogle @stach