The Gist of The Year

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The year 2017 is coming to an end. It is not a year without surprises. From the shocking loss and shattering of Hilary Clinton’s political ambition to the unexpected ascension of President Donald Trump to the White House.

Back to Africa, the unthinkable happened in Angola and Zimbabwe. Yes, they happened unexpectedly and fast. Without a single bullet fired or life lost. Former President José Eduardo dos Santos finally listened to his health warnings and handed over to his hand-picked successor João Manuel Gonçalves Lourenço. Hum! Does that exonerate dos Santos and family from prosecution? Time will tell.

Who could have believed that ex-President Robert Mugabe would be having a political siesta now? Would his ambitious Grace Mugabe ever imagined that she would not be going through the final list of sycophants and cronies she had wanted to appoint to political offices? What do all these tell us? Life is a journey. Yes, a journey full of uncertainties and surprises. Not necessarily in terms of negativities only. No, life brings positive surprises as well. If the year 2017 teaches us anything, it shows that we do not have absolute control over our lives, no matter how much we try; no matter how powerful we might be or well prepared we think we are towards achieving our goals. Do not underrate those flaws in your character as well as unforeseen circumstances and forces.

Definitely, we must make sure we utilize every single opportunity we have in order to create positive changes in the lives of others. Yes, in the lives of others because life is giving and taking. For sure, any advantage (call it political, intellectual, financial, academical etc.) we have over others and fail to use it judiciously to help or change the lives and conditions of others positively, it becomes a lost advantage. Yes, it becomes useless. On the other hand, the more we are able to use our special talents and advantage to improve the lives of others, we are indirectly creating fewer problems and reducing negative challenges (crime, jealousy, hatred, inequality etc.) in the world.

Otherwise, we will be falling from the grace. It is definitely not too late to make a positive impact in the society. The year 2018 is at the door; let us make it the best year ever. Welcome to a happy New Year!!