The Grave Consequences of the Xenophobic Attacks in South Africa

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While the brutish, animalistic and horrendous slaughtering of innocent foreigners is fanatically going on in South Africa, the perpetrators of the heinous crime are audaciously carrying out their monstrous butchery with the highest degree of impunity and alacrity. Yes, without fear or care of the consequences.

Cry, my beloved South Africa! Do they really care or know that the whole world is watching in this modern digital / internet age? For sure, it seems most likely that those xenophobic vampires are in fact enjoying the media coverage and indeed the attention they get from barbarically killing, burning and turning their fellow brothers and sisters into an unwanted barbecue. What have those young innocent kids (some of them as young as 1 year!!) done to deserve being grilled with their pleading mothers in the fire of hatred, in the name of overzealous nationalism? With the police seemingly inactive, clueless or unwilling to take decisive and drastic steps to quench the inflammable hate fire, spreading across the country, the monstrous annihilation continues ““ with little attention to the grave consequences.

Why these senseless killings? Some argue that the present barbaric attacks by the black South Africans against foreigners are products of the malicious treatment of the black South Africans by the White apartheid regime. Yes, most South Africans experienced the apartheid brutality, but is that an excuse for the present undomesticated behaviour? Ironically, one cannot correct a wrong by doing the same wrong one has set to correct. Hypocrisy to the highest level!!

Interestingly, Namibia was once ruled brutally by the same South African apartheid racist regime. Go to Namibia today, with incredibly friendly people, it has one of the lowest crime / murder rates in Africa. It is “˜abnormal“ and socially, a deviation from the “norm,“ to see two people arguing openly or loudly in the street of Namibia. What does that say about the argument or effects of apartheid past and the present unholy killings in South Africa?

During the apartheid era the poor and oppressed black South Africans and the rest of the world were fighting against the common enemy ““ the white brutal repressive regime. Now that the blacks are ruling themselves, have they gone as low as to maliciously slaughter their fellow blacks in the name of xenophobia? On what moral ground would the black South Africans complain when their white counterparts treat them ““ within or outside South Africa – with disrespect and inferiority? This kind of behaviour by the blacks against fellow blacks (not that killing of any human whether white or black is acceptable!!) does nothing than give those racist whites the “moral defence“ of their racist ideology.

The death of the beloved icon and moral authority, Nelson Mandela seems to have sent the much treasured morality to its grave in South Africa. Ironically, the positive euphoria of Mandela coupled with his peace gospel despite the brutal past of the white regime, helped make South Africa a unique nostalgic and tourists’ paradise. Whether to have a glimpse of the Robin Island prison, Mandela`s status or Soweto town, the respected icon, Nelson Mandela had quickly and his infectious charm, turned South Africa from a hopeless land of brutality to that of hope, love, peace and reconciliation. Now that Mandela is gone and the xenophobic attacks sickly replace his love gospel, the legacy of Mandela is systematically collapsing. Perhaps, apart from the former president Tagbo Mbeki, who amongst the South African leader has the moral capacity to maintain ““ in the midst of the senseless xenophobia – the world`s respect and positive attitude towards South Africa?

If the government of South Africa is lukewarm towards the shameful attacks against helpless foreigners in their country, the rest of the world is not. The African Union has condemned the irresponsible act in South Africa with utmost bitterness. Some people even went to the extent of calling the killings in South Africa genocide and demanded that the ICC should persecute the perpetrators immediately. The President of Ethiopia Mulatu Teshome whose citizens were amongst the victims of the killings has voiced his outrage and vowed to take steps to respond to the attacks. Elsewhere in Nigeria, lawmakers are busy drafting a law that would give the country`s President the authority to take immediate retributions against South African interests. Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Malawi and other African countries are not folding their hands equally. If the senseless killing of foreigners continues in South Africa, many South African companies (like MTN, Shoprite, Vodacom, Spar etc) in other parts of Africa might unfortunately pay a big price. Recently, angry Mozambicans harassed innocent South Africans in their country and even went so far as to block their borders with South Africa. With the latest anger and resentments against South Africa, one wonders what it would mean for innocent South Africans in other countries. Too bad!

Undeniably, South Africa is a beautiful country (personally, one of the most beautiful in Africa) with a lot of touristic potentials, but while the whole world watches with awe, the nationalistic madness and the unfortunate xenophobic killings, has it occurred to those “illiterate“ murderers and even the government of President Zuma that every brandished machete seen on the (social) media drives away millions of potential tourists (and their millions of dollars) away from South Africa? Interestingly, reading that some of the killings even took place at the university in Johannesburg, one might have problems with the definition of “intelligence“ as well as having little ground to blame the killings on ignorance.

Regardless of the beauty of South Africa, only few die-hard individuals would dare risk their lives and hard earned dollars to go to a country where their security is not guaranteed. Today, the victims are mainly black immigrants; how is one so sure that soon, the present killers will not turn their hatred venom on nonblack (tourists) in South Africa? We hope not. But there is no guarantee that it would not happen!

With these and many more grave repercussions, is it not time to quickly stop the heinous xenophobic crime before it engulfs every South African ““ guilty or innocent?

Cry, my beloved South Africans!