The Kata Kata outreach program: Liam Katabira visits schools in Kisaasi Uganda

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In his effort to promote the Kata Kata outreach program, Liam Katabira, the Ambassador of Kata Kata Africa Cartoon Magazine visited Kids World Nursery and Junior School in Kisaasi Uganda on November 21, 2019. The visit aimed at interacting with young people and sharing his experience as a young writer. 

Liam is a seven-year-old Writer from Uganda, who discovered his (comics) writing talent at a ripe age. At a tender age when many kids are more or less interested in playing outside with their mates, Liam has, instead, vowed to use his time to influence more young writers by encouraging other kids to discover their talents and look out for opportunities offered by Kata Kata Cartoon Magazine.

Out of over 500 pupils at Kids World Nursery and Junior School in Kisaasi, which Liam visited, over 150 of them have registered to join the life-changing experience as young writers and explore their capabilities and opportunities at Kata Kata.

During the meeting, Liam told the pupils that they could join Kata Kata team to explore different opportunities offered by the organisation to the kids. Amongst the opportunities, the kids could participate in the training and exploring the opportunity of writing for Kata Kata Cartoon Magazine. Furthermore, making illustrations, joining the pen pal program, acting stories written by Kata Kata and the children on the stage, participating in writing competitions and school exchange visits both to African countries and Europe, among many activities.

Speaking at the Kata Kata Kids Outreach, Liam told the pupils, whom he calls his friends that reading and writing develop together. He advised them that doing both as well as making friends, and good choices in life will help them become good writers.

During the meeting, many pupils were eager to ask Liam many questions, which he gladly answered, to ensure that his friends understand the importance of writing and how he has developed his talent at such a tender age. The following questions were asked:

Pupil: When did you start writing? 

Liam: I started writing on June 15, 2019

Pupil: Why do you love writing?

Liam: I love writing because it makes my heart happy.

Pupil: How many stories have you written? 

Liam: So far, I have written 25 stories but some of them are not yet illustrated. I like to keep writing more stories.

Pupil: Tell us one story you have written? 

Liam: He used 5 minutes to narrate the Dark Well Story, which was edited and illustrated by Kata Kata Cartoons. See the link to the story:

Pupil: Where do you get your stories from? 

Liam: I get my stories from my books and my head.

Pupil: What can you tell other children who want to become writers? 

Liam: I want to tell others that they should write good stories and be the best writers in Uganda. Parents should encourage their children on how to write. 

Pupil: How can other children join Kata Kata Cartoon Magazine? 

Liam: Other Children can join Kata Kata cartoons by writing stories, even by me telling them about my writing.

Lydia Gift Namuswa Kata Kata Country Manager thanked both schools and children for their interest in Kata kata magazine and intimated them the company is ever ready to work closely with them to help the children develop their potentials. 

Lydia Namuswa Kata Kata Country Manager

It was a very happy and fulfilled occasion. There are many children with a lot of ambitions and hopes. They aspire to do great things and are ready to take off, sadly, in most cases, these kids do not have the platform to enable them to achieve their dreams and potential. Thus, the Kata Kata outreach program has been designed to help young people become great young writers.

Kata Kata Cartoon Magazine would like to thank heartily Susan Mbyemeire and Christabel Ssewalura director and administrator, respectively, of Kids World Nursery and Junior School, who hosted the important event. Appreciations for your precious time and energy.

Christabel Ssewalura administrator Kids World Nursery and Junior School

We call on more children and their parents to read our articles both online and in the magazines. We invite you to join one of our many activities so that we can work together towards harnessing your talent and turning it into greatness. Together you can learn about us and grow with us.