The Man To Watch: Dr George A. Manuwuike

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Until now, we intentionally limited our magazine to cartoons and adverts only. However, recently our readers had expressed their desire to read also about role models, who have the capacity to bring changes in our societies. Due to the editorial policy of Kata Kata Magazine, we are very conscious not to compromise our core policy. We therefore have to strike an equilibrium between satisfying objectively, the wishes of our valued readers and not sacrificing our editorial core policy.

Interestingly, operating in the Western world, where many (African) Diasporas are often stigmatized as opportunists and Nigerians especially, systematically labelled negatively, we consider it necessary to tell our other stories ““ especially those African success stories many foreign media would rather ignore. Furthermore, the story becomes irresistible and important to tell when it is about our serious minded diaspora brothers and sisters with outstanding qualities, who have the potentials to bring positive changes on the continent and in the lives of individuals as well. It is therefore not a coincidence that Kata Kata Magazine decided to beam its light on unique and outstanding individuals, the new breeds of young Africans who are making priceless impacts and differences in the lives of others. We are talking of those young Africans, who clearly stand apart – in terms of education, work, philanthropy, achievements – amongst many other Africans in diaspora. With these qualities in mind, we strongly believe that our choice of Dr George Ahamefula Manuwuike is well understood.

Presently, when some malicious elements have dented the very name, Nigeria, causing many, especially law enforcement agents world wide, to stand at alert whenever the word “Nigeria“ is mentioned, Dr George Manuwuike, a Nigerian is rather restlessly changing that misconception through meticulous and dedicated services.

Who is Dr George Ahamefula Manuwuike? To many, Dr George Manuwuike does not need much introduction. His names do not only ring a bell, but he is one of the few Nigerians in the diaspora many would rather like to be associated with. Born in 1967, Dr George Ahamefula Manuwuike is a Medical Doctor, Businessman, Real Estate Developer, Business Consultant, Investor and Philanthropist. Dr Manuwuike holds a Doctor of Medicine degree and MSc in International Economic Relations from a reputable university in Ukraine, where he has been living more than 20 years ago. Dr Manuwuike’s business ranges from manufacturing and distributing high quality sports and jeans wears, Human Resources, Energy Solutions, and Capacity Building in Engineering, Science & Technology. His businesses provide linkages between the Commonwealth of Independent States and Nigeria. He owns a Software Management / IT Specialists Supply concern in Nigeria. George, as he is popularly called, does not only speak more than 5 languages including Ukrainian, Russian and Yoruba, he is a foundation member and the head of the Ukrainian branch of the Nigerian Diaspora Organization, (NIDO). He held this position until he joined the Board of Trustees of NIDO Europe in June 2007 as the Business consultant and Vice president. Due to his enviable business, management and organizational acumens, Dr Manuwuike sits in the Board of several reputable Ukrainian and Nigerian businesses ““ a rare position for any “African“ in Ukraine.

But Dr Manuwuike`s influence and capacity to bring changes is not limited to businesses. As a great achiever and reformer, he deeply wants to bring changes in the lives of his fellow Nigerians. This desire, he has demonstrated by showing active commitment and deep interest in the Nigerian socio-political systems. He strongly believes that the best way to bring serious changes in a system is to be actively involved inside and within the system. This is evident through his dedication and willingness to offer a greater deal of his finance, time and energy towards various projects, which will benefit Nigerians. No wonder that he co-sponsored, amongst others, the launching of the Global Database Nigerians in Diaspora (GDND) software and the implementation of the first Diaspora Solar Energy Project in Kampala Village, Minna, Niger State . All these were made possible with his financial muscle.

Is it therefore a co-incidence that Dr George Manuwuike was elected chairman of NIDOE on 8th February 2014? After all the campaigns and presentations of manifestoes, Dr Manuwuike won the chairmanship election by a landslide. For an organization torn apart by inefficiency, in-fights, mistrust, the election of Dr George Manuwike and other capable BOT members is a clear harbinger of the good direction the organization has chosen to follow. The election signifies the level of seriousness and indeed readiness on the part of NIDOE members to get things done judiciously. The victory is a good sign that the organization seriously wants to tackle problems facing it. In his acceptance speech after the election, Dr Manuwuike emphasized the need for reconciliation amongst NIDOE members, which, according to him, can only help the organization work together to achieve much. There is no doubt that with the election of Dr George Manuwuike and his Co BOT members, the future of NIDOE is in the right hands of committed and dedicated officials.

Happily married with kids, Dr George Ahamefula Manuwuike is definitely a young, dynamic, highly tested administrator with unique leadership qualities. On our present African continent, where many believe that our old leaders have failed us woefully, we need the likes of Dr Manuwuikes to institutionalize and bring the kind of necessary changes our countries are yelling for. With Dr George Ahamefula Manuwuike`s numerous accomplishments so far, one might not be too optimistic to say loudly: Yes, he can!

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