The Tears of an Orphan Run Inside

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Kud mbelewa a hada a hwad (Mafe: Cameroon, Nigeria, Niger)

An orphan`s tears run inside (English)

It is only the affected ones that know exactly what they go through (Meaning)


Often, the life of an orphan is that of neglect, misery and sadness. Being an orphan, one is often treated with less love and attention. It’s not uncommon that orphans are sometimes neglected because they have no one to stand for them. In times of challenges, orphans may have less attention or completely be abandoned by extended family members, friends or the very persons whom the orphans look up to for help. In this case, the life of an orphan is that of neglect, pain and uncertainty.

Normally, when we cry, our tears are visible on the face. But that is not always so with an orphan. Their tears run deep inside. An orphan`s tears  run deep inside indeed!! Their tears are not always seen or appreciated by a non orphan.  Who feels it, they say, knows it.

As we mark the second year of the abduction of the    innocent and helpless Chibok girls, by the Boko Haram terrorist organization, operating in the North Eastern part of Nigeria, one can see how these vulnerable  girls ““ and their families –   have been turned   into orphans.  276 Schoolgirls abducted, 57 of them escaped same day, 219 remain in captivity since then, has anyone imagined what these people are going through? Has it occurred to us how their tears run deep inside them for years?   What of the tears and the psychological states of their family members? With those in power seemingly lukewarm to the plight of the abducted girls, how powerless   are some  of us to the naked brute force of social injustice?  How best can we help rescue the abducted Chibok school girls and encourage our girls not to be intimidated or discouraged from acquiring education?

If you believe that the tears of an orphan run inside, stand up and say no to senseless religious fanaticism and offer suggestions on how to rescue these innocent  girls.