The test of Kenyans` ‘generosity’ and Beggars` “Disabilities“

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It is not unusual to hear politicians in the West complaining recently about illegal immigrants and vowing to close their borders to them. The USA Republican Donald Trump has just won the Presidential election in his country, by dehumanising foreigners, disabled and other minorities. On the other hand, German Chancellor Angela Merkel is coming under increasingly serious attacks by her own party establishment for his Open – Door immigration policy, thereby putting incredible pressure on the liberal Chancellor to denounce her “Wir schaffen es” (“We can do it“) benevolence spirit. For most of those who oppose the liberal immigration policy in the West, the fear of terrorism and other social ills necessitate their concern.   But in Kenya, the fear is different. Rather than the immigrant problems, the fear centres on “influx of foreign beggars” in the country.

Beggars?   Yes, your ears have not gone to the market or on a sabbatical leave. They are working well; so, you hear me well. But before you blame the government of Kenya for sweating simply because of beggars, according to Kata Kata`s investigation, the head of the National Council for Persons with Disabilities in Kenya, David ole Sankok, is so concerned about the swarm of beggars entering the country like locust, that the organisation has sent an SOS to President Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya, who has promised to discuss the illegal beggar problem with his Tanzanian counterpart, John Magufuli.

But the presence of foreign beggars is not only the concern of the Kenyan government. Our investigations have revealed equally that, just like in prostitution, many pimps and criminals have been using poor beggars to make millions of dollars. You don`t mean that those beggars give a weekly account of their “work“ to their Oga, do you? We call that monthly returns. So, you could say that some fastidious elements have turned begging into a lucrative cartel business. If this is possible, one could be excused to think pessimistically. Couldn`t some malicious elements use beggars to smuggle heartless terrorists into the country? That is not too far a possibility.

Logically, beggars go where they know they would get alms. With Kenya ranked as Africa’s most generous country by the 2016 World Giving Index published by UK-based Charities Aid Foundation, the choice of Kenya by the beggars is understandable.

Hear Mr Sankok:

“There could be more than 10,000 disabled people who had been ferried in to beg on the streets“¦“¦ to prey on the kindness of Kenyans”

To minimise the flood of beggars in Kenya, authorities are considering a series of measures, according to our source, who spoke on condition of anonymity. Asked which measures the authorities have in mind, our source smiled without further comments.

With tolerance in the West countries for a gay relationship, recently, many Africans have flooded Europe. seeking political asylum as persecuted gays. Although it is obvious that most of these asylum seekers who claim to be gays are indeed heterosexual, it is difficult to dispute their claims. Some have suggested the “gay“ asylum seekers must first prove their sexual orientation in bed before they are offered an asylum status. If the swarm of “beggars“ from other countries continues to find their way to Kenya, it would not be a surprise if the authorities in Kenya insist that the beggars must first prove their “disabilities“ status and independence before they are allowed into the country.   Since all lizards lie on their bellies, one can hardly tell which has a stomach ache, some argue.