The Torch: Being Equal To the Task

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Life is full of opportunities and choices. If you make a good choice, you reap the profits; however, if your choice is bad, you bear the consequences. More often than not, we have opportunities to positively change our lives and those of others. Think of our educational, political, relationship choices. A wrong decision could drastically lead to unbearable hardship or even destroy lives altogether.

Have you really taken into consideration the quality and acumen of the candidates you want to vote to take care of your life and the future of your children? Would you rather think of your immediate satisfaction, succumb to the monetary or seductive induction from corrupt politicians, who want to buy your conscience at the expense of selecting eligible and qualified leaders to change your future and those of your future generation, through provision of necessary infrastructures and other social services needed to make your life meaningful? You want to quickly get married and start having kids you might not be able to take good care of financially and socially? Are you determined to take this important step simply because you are attracted to the outer qualities of your future partner? Are you financially, socially, mentally ready for your future? Your exams are ahead, rather than studying for them and coming out with flying colors, you decide to take the easier way out. You prefer examination malpractices to work hard. You want that beautiful car. Yes, that would make people respect you and elevate your class. The question is, how do you buy the classy car? You could do so by working honestly hard towards securing it. Alternatively, you could choose the “easier” way to achieve that. Illegal practices, including drug business, could be your choice. It is a choice, but the question is: Are you ready for the negative consequences? Are you equal to the task that comes with your choices?

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