Three Chibok Girls Spotted At The Kata Kata Village

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Since President Muhammadu Buhari  of Nigeria took office, things have not been rosy for many Nigerians, who voted him in for a change. The economy is foggy ““ the low oil prices, the main source of income of the country, coupled with persistent unemployment are causing a serious headache for the president, who promised to create employment, wipe out the Boko Haram menace and restore security immediately after taking over power. Even though President Buhari is trying his best to tackle corruption and recover billions of dollars stolen by former leaders, the hardship is increasingly biting the majority of the population.

With government`s efforts towards helping to rehabilitate victims of the Boko Haram infamous atrocities, especially innocent girls kidnapped at the Chibok school, some Nigerians are beginning to craftily create an avenue to survive the economic crunch, using the “Chibok tactics.“ It is therefore not entirely strange to hear recently that some Chibok girls have been spotted at the Kata Kata Village. And President Buhari`s reaction? Hum! President Buhari is not known for making quick decisions ““ especially when doubts exist.

Let`s hope neither Nigerians nor President Buhari underestimate each other`s desperate situation – before it is too late.

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