Travel: Some of the Most Amazing Spots in Africa

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In Africa, the rule of law and other democratic gains have ushered in a more assertive and positive image of the continent. Freedom, human rights gains and economic prosperity are gradually becoming some of the dividends of the new democratic order. The perception of Africa amongst the West might not be perfect, but it has positively changed of recent. Apart from the positive economic progress of the continent, the raw beauty of Africa is hard to deny.

Better still, Africans have started to tell their own stories, rather than allow the West to define and castigate the continent and its people from the West stereotypical point of view.

With the new economic power of Africa, many Africans have not only started to appreciate the beauty of their continent, but they have also equally realized the importance of enjoying the amazing charm of Africa. Tourists in Africa are no more limited to the West, Africans are now amongst the new holidaymakers. A swarm of families heading to the seductive African beaches on weekends is a clear sign of the economic resurrection of Africa. Unlike oil and other natural resources, which have a time limit and can disappear after some years of usage, tourism entities like amazing beaches, panoramic landscapes are there to stay. It is only a wise government that would invest heavily in tourism, the undeniable source of national income. Africans should be the best marketers of their own natural resources. This can only happen if and when Africans join the African tourism Mecca – the African earthly paradise.

With this in mind, Kata Kata Travel team recommends the following amazing and captivating spots. Take a break from your work, have a great vacation. With a copy of your Kata Kata magazine in your hand, relax and enjoy your holiday!! More about tourism and destinations in Africa, go to

Lake Malawi, Malawi:


Perhaps, Malawi is not one of the heavyweight names in Africa, but the country has the undeniable natural beauty you hardly find in many countries. From the famous Lake Malawi with its beautiful views to the Nyika park are just some of the many attractions of Malawi. Lake Malawi is not only one of the largest lakes in the world, it has more tropical fish, -1,300 species – than any lake in the world. With its freshwater diving potentials and the unique bio-diversity, Lake Malawi has been chosen by the UNESCO as the world’s first freshwater park World Heritage Site.

Nyiragongo Volcano, Virunga National Park, Eastern Congo                                                                                                                    


Although the eruption has displaced more than a million people, Nyiragongo Volcano, one of Africa’s most active volcanoes, is a must see while in Eastern Congo. With amazing two kilometres wide and usually containing a lava, Nyiragongo Volcano is a beautiful threat one can hardly ignore.

Bazaruto Archipelago, Mozambique

After a long civil war, Mozambique has let the world know that it has a lot of potential to offer to the world instead of anarchy. With abundant natural beauty, a helicopter ride across the Bazaruto Archipelago to the Azura Retreats lodge on Benguerra Island will leave you stunned. With beautiful beaches, and sparkling water full of dolphins, whales, and dugong, coupled with appetizing cuisines, Mozambique has much to offer


Zanzibar, Tanzania
In terms of tourism in East Africa, Tanzania’s Zanzibar is top notch because
of its fascinating history and the incredible beaches. Its location in the Indian ocean (off the coast of Tanzania) made it a huge trading centre over time. Zanzibar is famous for its spices and had become an important slave trade post under the Arab rule. The influences of the Arab are obvious on the island, especially in the famous Stone Town – one of the island’s biggest attractions.