Tribute to DJ AVICII

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Some music lovers would tell you that music is insignificant or incomplete, without Disk Jockeys (DJs). Throughout the music advancement, DJs like David Guetta, DJ Marshmallow, Calvin Harris and Swedish House Mafia, have become fundamental subjects on the rhythmic scene, raising the bar by playing recorded popular

On the 20th April 2018, the world woke up to the sad news of the demise of the 28 year old Grammy-nominated electronic dance DJ, Avicii.

Tim Bergling, better known by his stage name Avicii was an international pop star, performing his well-known electronic dance songs around the world for die-hard fans. His illustrate profession would take him to, sometimes, hundreds of thousands of music festivals, where he was the headline act. His was known for his popular sounds that sent him to the top of the charts and earned him enviable, gigantic airtime. His most known song, “Wake Me Up,” was a multi-platinum triumph and peaked at No. 4 on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart. On the dance charts, he had seven Top 10 hits including, including “Hey Brother” and “Levels”.

Avicii, was not only a two-time Grammy nominee; he also won two MTV Europe Music Awards as well as one Billboard Music Award. With the overwhelming talent, he continued to collaborate with more high-profile acts, producing Coldplay sensations, “A Sky Full of Stars”, “Hymn for the Weekend”, Madonna’s “Devil Pray” and partly tagged in the Mike Posner’s megahit “I Took a Pill in Ibiza,” which featured the lyrics: “I took a pill in Ibiza, to show Avicii I was cool.” This was a hint of the Mike Posner’s true story at an Avicii concert in Ibiza.

At the age of 18, Avicii had started his musical tour;  and from that point on, fame had infiltrated his life with non-stop concerts around the world.  “When I look back on my life, I think; wow! did I do that? It was the best time of my life in a sense. It came with a price – a lot of stress a lot of anxiety for me – but it was the best journey of my life.” 

Avicii told The Hollywood Reporter in 2016. One thing is to acquire fame, another is to maintain it. Like many celebrities before him, Avicii allowed his fame to control him. Gradually, excessive drinking became the order of the day. This bad habit led to him being diagnosed with acute pancreatitis. After having his gallbladder and appendix removed in 2014, he cancelled a series of shows in an attempt to recover. He announced his retirement from the road two years later in 2016. However, he continued to produce songs and albums for the fans. But his numerous and dedicated fans around the world could not enjoy the talented of the outstanding artist for long.

On 20th of April 2018, the world was stunned by the demise of DJ Avicii at the ripe age of 28 in Muscat, the capital of Oman, a popular vacation destination on the Arabian Sea.  Sadly, DJ Avicii died just a few days after he was nominated for a 2018 Billboard Music Award for top dance/electronic album for his EP.

Although, DJ Avicii may have gone from our eyes,  his immortal symphonies will continue to entertain our next generation. For sure, we will continue to admire him and his music – even in his absence.

 “We are grateful that we got to know him and admired him as an artist and the great person he was.”

Sweden’s Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia , who employed Avicii to play at their wedding, said about his demise. They definitely, cannot put the feelings of Avicii’s millions of fans worldwide in a better way.

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By Arthur Adil & Tedman Oscar

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