Uganda: Free Kata Kata Magazine for the Slum dwellers

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What explains the proverb What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, better than the steps being taken by Kata Kata in Africa, to bring the core message of the magazine to the people, who desperately need it? Faced with enormous problems and challenges, Africans must learn how best to tackle these obstacles, to bring meaning to their often seemingly meaningless situation. But sadly, most of the affected Africans are extremely poor to have access to information about their problems. A bridge too far, you could say. This long bridge is what Kata Kata is judiciously building in various slums in Uganda. Kata Kata tries not only to discuss the problems facing an average African, it equally brings the information about the problems at the door of the concerned individuals, who otherwise, might not have access to the information due to their economic and social constraints. 

Recently, our Young Ambassador in Africa Liam Katabira visited some slums in Uganda, as part of his campaign to highlight some social problems facing Africa, especially, many poor Africans. That is not all. Liam wants to encourage the slum dwellers to read. We strongly believe that knowledge is power, which is needed to change one’s social situation. 

Please follow our upcoming programs in Africa, aimed at disseminating our messages across the continent. You and I need to join hands together to bring social changes in Africa. Yes, we can!!!!